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October 16th 2007
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We were planning to go for a pilgrimage to Velankanni for last couple of months. We couldn't get convenient tickets in Mysore- Tanjore Train and the trip got postponed. Last week we decided not to wait anymore for the tickets and decided to drive down. My one month old Maruthi Zen was also a big inspiration for doing the same.

Searched in the net and got 2 routes. The first was Bangalore - Trichy- Tanjore- Velankanni which is 475 Kms and the second was Bangalore - Thrivannamali - Neyveli - Punruti - Chidambaram - Karrakkal - Velankanni (430 Kms). Although longer, we decided to try the first one because of the familiarity with the route.

We started from Bangalore on Saturday, October 13th at 5 AM. It was very tough to cross the Electronic City in early morning also. The construction for the elevated highway and trucks were the bottlenecks. We were at Dharmapuri by 7:45 AM and had an early break fast. We started to Trichy by 8:30. The route was to Salem then to Nammakkal and then to Trichy. Till Nammakkal we took NH 7 and then took local roads to Trichy via Musiri. At outskirts of Trichy we took the by pass and joined the Tanjore Road.

It was 12:30 PM when we touched Trichy - Tanjore road. We were very hungry and couldn't find any decent hotels on road side till Tanjore. So we decided to go inside the Tanjore town to have food. We were at Sangam by 1:30 PM. After break of one hour we started to Velankanni. The road was good, but lot of curves and lot of agriculture activities which were extending to road. We had to slow down. We reached Thrivaziyoor by 4 PM.

We tried to for some hotels reservations at Velamkamnni over phone and got information that most of them were full. So we decided to stay before Velankanni. We took a room in Royal Park in Thrivazhiyoor. It had a grand look from outside but is very rooms were very lousy and not clean. Our plan was to refresh fast and start to Velankanni ASAP. We planned to finish all the prayers and get back to hotel late night. So we can start back to Bangalore next day morning.

But our plans didn’t work out at all. We planned to start by 5 PM from the hotel. But we could start only by 6 pm. It is dark by 6:15 and there were lot people and cycles on the road. We really had to slow down. The last 10 kms from Nagapattinam to Velankanni was very bad with lot of construction going on. We had to really struggle hard to find the road at lot of times. We reached the shrine by 7:15 PM.

We spend till 9 PM on prayers. We felt that we couldn't visit all the places and couldn't spend decent time at church. So we changed the plan and decided to come back church again next day and probably start very late to Bangalore. We had dinner at Velankanni itself and started back to hotel.

We made a mistake staying away from Velankanni. We lost 3 hours because of the extra drive to hotel and back again in the next day morning. We should have stayed in Velmamkanni itself as the hotel we stayed was also lousy!!!!. The drive back was more difficult till Nagapattinam as there no light and no signs. Also lots deviation due to construction. Reach the hotel by 11 pm and straight to Bed.

We got up by 7 AM and were again traveling to Velankanni by 8 AM. After a small break for coffee we reached shrine by 9 AM. The Malayalam Mass was going on. We attended the mass and finished other route rituals by 11:30 AM. We were in car back to Bangalore by 11:45.

We decided to take other route via Karrakkal- Thrivannmali back. On the way to Nagapattinam we saw the Monument for Tsunami victims by Catholic church and rehabilitation houses created by World Vision.

We reached Karakkal by 12:30 and had lunch. Since Karakkal is part of Pondicherry, we could find lot of bars. Look like drinks are cheaper and there are lot bars in border of Karrakkal which are setup for people from Tamil Nadu. We also had tough time to find a decent hotel in Karrakkal. We had lunch at Hotel Paris. The good stuff in Karakkal was petrol at Rs 42 per litre. Comparing 50 plus in Bangalore it was Cooooooooool.....

We started by 1:30 PM to Chidambaram. The road is smaller at some places and it is a National Highway too. The width is enough for only one vehicle. The road were also little crowded as it was a costal road passing populated area. Overtaking was impossible at many places.

At Chidambaram we had 2 options to Thrivanmmali. One via Pondicherry-Dindivanam- Thiruvannamali. Other road was to turn from Bhuvanagiri, Punruti and then to Thrivannamali. We checked a Taxi stand and ask for suggestions. It was advised to take second and it is less distance, less traffic and good road.

The road is like this. Go towards pondicherry in same road till Bhuvanagiri. Here you have to take a turn to a State highway which connects you to the Kumbakonam - Vilipuram - Chennai National Highway. Continue on this highway till Punruti. You will pass through Neyvelli before Punruti. At Punruti turn towards Thrivannamali on the state highway connecting Punruti to Vellore via Thrivannamali. It turned out to be good and with two breaks of 15 mins we reached Thiruvanammali by 6 PM. (around 180 kms in 3 hours)

We took break for 45 mins for food at Thrivannamali and started our last stretch by 6:45 PM. It was a tough drive till Kirshnagiri (110 kms). Lot of bad patches in road and couldn't speed up at all. It was getting dark. We observed that everyone was slowing down and soon we were a group 6 cars traveling together to Krishnagiri. We reached Kirshnagiri by 9:15 and Bangalore by 10:45 PM.

We made a mistake by staying at 40 kms away from Velankanni. If you planning for 2 day drive trip to Velankanni from Bangalore, stay in Velankanni itself. Try to book hotels earlier. Heard that the MGM Bethsedha Inn is pretty good hotel.

Also Krishnagiri - Salem road construction for 4 lane is going on. Trichy - Tanjore 4 lane project is also going one. So if you are driving after 6-10 months this route will be faster as you can drive faster!!!


23rd October 2007

Nice trip report
Thanx for the nice trip report, me and my friends are driving tomorrow to Velankanni, your trip report is very useful. Thanx again!
25th August 2008

Thanks for the information
5th October 2008

Route to Vailankanni
Actually my family is planning to go to Vailankanni in the month of Jan '09. I am actually in Mumbai. so I have options Mumbai - chennai by flight and then Chennai onwards by bus to Vailankanni or Mumbai to Trichy by flight and then by bus to vailankanni. let me know the best route. I dont want too much time on road travelling as I have a small baby.
26th October 2008

Road map[
Can you please suggest how we should move from Bangalore to Vailankanni by Road.
25th June 2009

how to reach from bangalore to velankanni
Can you please suggest how we should move from Bangalore to Vailankanni by Road
1st July 2009

Nice report
Hey your article on velankanni was really helpful.
14th July 2009

Bangalore to Velamkanni
Would suggest to take Bangalore - Hosur - Salem - Trichy - Tanjore -Velamkanni. The roads has improved a lot and can reach 8-9 hours
2nd August 2009

Tips for Stay
If the hotels in velankanni are full, the next neares desitnation in Nagapattinam to get some decent hotels dont commit the mistake of staying in Thrivazhiyoor (to be spelt as Thiruvarur). Thiruvarur is round 30 Kms from Velankanni where as nagapattinam is around 12 Kms. Now the last 10kms of road is laid very well since it comes under the ECR
15th August 2009

Bangalore to Vaillankanni Road Map
Please let me know the easiest way to reach Vaillankanni by car from Bangalore. Thanks
29th September 2009

Nice report
Thanks for the trip report.
29th September 2009

Nice report
Thanks for the trip report.
20th November 2009

Train Details
Plese lend me how to travel by train... rout details train details. is there any direct train for velankani
13th December 2009

Is Karakal the place with the old Danish fortress, and if it is is there still a guest house there? Thanks
16th December 2009

Thanks for your Guidance.
Thanks for yor tremendous guidance!!! God Bless.
10th May 2010

thanxxxxx.....4r ur valuable information....
31st May 2010

Trip to Velankanni From Bangalore
We were planning a Trip to Velankanni Church & Pondy Church, so what to do we planned to take a train to Trichy from Bangalore we took the night train a holiday special train from Bangalore - Trichy we left Bangalore at 10.30 PM and reached Trichy by 8 am in the mooning, we had arranged for a Tempo Traveler from Trichy through a travel agent from Bangalore, we were 9 of us and felling hungry, So the Driver took us to a good veg hotel and we had Good south Indian Break Fast. And we further proceeded to Pondy Mada Church which is about 45 minutes drive from Trichy the Van Driver took a short route to Pondy Church, We reached Pondy Mada Church its a wonderful Church very well planned landscape and with good parking facility. A wonderful Church a must visit place on the way to Velankannni a calm & serene place we attended Mass and spent some time in the Church in prayer. we further proceeded towards Velankanni from Pondy Church it took us about 3.5 hrs to reach Velankanni we reached by 4.00 Pm and we stayed in Golden Sands Hotel which has quit a good place to stay with good space to parking space for our Tempo Traveler, it can accommodate good no of cars and vans as we were 9 of us we planned to take 2 suite rooms costing us around 2600 + for each and it was spacious enough to accommodate 9 of us, The room has a Hall and a bed room also a Restaurant attached stay is ok only the Restaurant has bad food not good enough we had chapattis & Fish fry for dinner which was really bad the chapattis were very hard to chew & Fish fry was very hot and spicy, There are other hotels like, Bethesda Inn MGM ,Picnic Hotel , Sea Gate Hotel, and also the Church Rooms to stay which is very Economical but to go in a queue to book rooms Our Lady of Velankaani Church is impressive and we really feel a real Peace and Joy within us when we enter the Old Church really feel Great in the presence of Mary our Mother and get a calm and inner healing with us As all of us know our Lady of Velankaani is a Mother of Miracles and she answers all our Prayers and Favors Shopping inside the Church owned shops is Economical and Religious articles like Roselies , Pictures, Candles, Etc.. are price lesser than the other Private shops around the church, So please Buy only in the shops of the Church. The Beach is located very near to the Church a nice beach but totally crowed you get a lot of eateries near the beach. We had attended Mass in the Old Shire little away from the main Church were we also get a lot of inner Joy & Happiness by seeing Mary our Mothers Stature where she appeared the Brahmin Boy who was healed by our mother the place also has the holy water well which is closed now can be viewed from the top of the well. The Place is Wonderful to Visit and most important to Receive Blessing of our Mother. We left Velankanni by noon around 1.PM and had lunch in nagapatanam a very good Chettnad Hotel really good food both Veg & Non Veg it was crowed with most of them going towards Veilankanni Good Chicken & Fish dishes We reached Trichy by 5.PM had to take a Train back to Bangalore. We reached Bangalore at 5.AM and reached our home by 5.30 The Trip was a memorial one that I cannot forget having a Family Trip after a long time . Best Regards, Albert Louis Raja, Bangalore
7th June 2010

Thank you
Dear.., Thanks a lot for information, This will help lot of people like us, Thanks once again. Best Regards, Nisha
27th August 2010

Hi iam George from Pakistan, Karachi, first time i visited Valankanni church with my mother in 1978, from pakistan by plane we reached Bomnbay, we were new in india bombay, from Bombay to madras we got the train it is very difficult to travel without booking the ticket my mother and i travelled by train from bombay to madras from Madras we catch the Bus for Nagapattnum this was my first experience in plane, train and bus, we catch bus from madras bus stand and in afternoon we reached to Valankanni Shrine this is my first time we saw a big church near the sea side we stayed in church premises for 1 week. after 1 week the time come becoz we have to leave the really i was crying that when i was living the church. After i got married i always talk about Valankanni chruch with my wife and I promise her that one day i will take u to our Lady of Valankanni Church so i and my cousin decided to visit our Lady of Valankanni Church, so we applied to visa and we got the visa soon after that we book the ticket by train Karachi to Munabao, Munabo to Judpur, from there we catch the train for banglore but mistaken we catch the wrong bus which took us to Nasik, from nasik again we rebound to bombay station, from bombay station we got the bus for banglore on 3rd day we all reached banglore we got fresh and my cousins house. after two days we book the bus ticket to visit Valankanni Church, in night we got the bus and next day at 11 am we reached the valankanni shrine, their offered prayer we light the coconut offerings. Second time i reach Valankanni church very easily because i got the idea.
30th September 2010

18th October 2010

Good Initiation to write this Blog
Very good informative blog and very well narrated. Can you suggest, how we can reach Velankkani from bangalore by train/bus.., atleast to the nearest area, so that from there we can arrange our own transportation.
11th November 2010

My experiences
I undertook the journey from Bangalore to vellankani by my trusted Santro alongwith my family.I decided to undertake the 550 km long journey in two days as I have a principle of not driving by night. Routing B'lore-Hosur-upto Karur (NH-7). Took diversion towards Trichy. Then followed Trichy-Thanjavur-Thiruvarur-Nagapattinam-Vellankani. Actuallu after Thanjavur, you will find boards indicating directions for Vellankani.The NH-7 is any drivers delight. Karur-Trichy is a newly constructed road in good condition. Trichy-Thanjavur is routed via villages, so be careful. This road does not have any bothering holes, although there are a few potholes.Thanjavur-Nagapattinam is a narrow road with potholes interspersed.Point to keep in mind is along the NH-7, there is hardly any descent restaurants for families, infact none. Plan refuelling between Trichy and Vellankani (Prices are comparatively lesser). Nagapattinam-Vellankani road is excellent (New Road). The route from Karur to trichy is approx 80 km, but it takes two hrs plus. The routing is Karur-Palleyem-Thogomalai-Trichy. I planned night halts at Trichy (onward) and Salem (Return). The driving time during the entire journey was 14 hrs with comfortable driving speed and regular halts of 10 min interspersed. So, all those driving enthusiasts can safely take the plunge. All the best!
15th December 2010

very good
I like the travel summery very much ( next trip please note the kilometers )
18th December 2010

Nice trip report
Thanx for a comprehensive report on your jny. Will take your suggestns. Yours is indeed an five star rating. thanks
2nd January 2011

bus timing
Hai, i want know the bus timing and root to go from valankanni to bangalore....
28th February 2011

Public Bus and Train Service
I get lot of questions Bus and Train Service to Velamkanni. These are some info I have. 1) Mysore - Mayladuthurai Express Goes via Bangalore - Trichy - Tanjore. It runs daily and you can get down at Trichy or Tanjore. From there you connect a train to Nagore which is very near to Velamkanni. Or Take Bus / taxi from Tanjore / Trichy 2) Private Buses like SPS / KPN runs daily services to Velamkanni. You can find their offices in Hosur Road in Madivala.
1st April 2011

Thank god,I am relieved after going through the comments & the suggestions. Even we have been planning for trip by train or bus & opted to travel by car. shall come back after the trip this week end.
2nd June 2011

28th December 2011

Trip to Velankanni from Bangalore
Thanks for the information and your travel experience.We are planning to leave for Velankanni next week and we don't think the travel will burden to us as we are hiring a Tamil Nadu driver with us.
17th January 2014

Hi, This site is very informative. Thanks.. Velankanni Hotel

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