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March 12th 2013
Published: March 12th 2013
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police post police post police post

front lamps or indian lanterns
Driving from Maana Madurai to Madurai, I spotted a police post. It is a small post with not much existence to the public. I caught this picture because this is a rare site that I could not resist to capture something unusual. Water plastic pots as lamp post. The evening sunlight shone at the water pots giving a glow like Chinese red lanterns. Either the police station has run out of budget, maybe slogan says, "Counter Measures with Least Budget". What about "Waste Not Campaign"? My driver and I had a good laugh and even louder as he continued to say, "This is Indian Culture". I certainly agreed.


12th March 2013

nice captured
Yeah .. i too agree with your statements that it is unusual scene.. hehe.. I was also laughing while reading to it.

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