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December 31st 2005
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You should take a minute and go to Ruth's blog at: or click here: Ruth's Blog

She has posted some pictures there and I will try to post different ones here.... Also you will enjoy reading what she has written...don't worry, she is not nearly as long winded as I am so it won't take forever to read like mine does!

These were all taken either right before, after or during the wedding. They are not in order, although I tried.

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Pretty Cool, Huh?Pretty Cool, Huh?
Pretty Cool, Huh?

Two of those braclettes are 24k...can you find them?
Before The WeddingBefore The Wedding
Before The Wedding

Ruth and I in the little back room, ready (finally) for the wedding to start.
Praveen Awaits His BridePraveen Awaits His Bride
Praveen Awaits His Bride

Taken before or maybe AS we entered the room, Praveen was seated, center stage to wait.
The Bridal Party Enters the StageThe Bridal Party Enters the Stage
The Bridal Party Enters the Stage

These are the girls who we were to comes the three laps around the stage. Later, Ruth will do it again with Praveen.
UP We Go..UP We Go..
UP We Go..

The dreaded stairs.... onto the stage...
Ruth & PraveenRuth & Praveen
Ruth & Praveen

I think this was taken shortly after Ruth joined Praveen on the stage.
The "Tally"The "Tally"
The "Tally"

This was taken as the "tally" was put around Ruth's neck. The tally (spelled wrong no doubt) is a little gold charm that all married (Hindu)Indian women wear. This is a very important moment in the wedding and is actually what signifies that the marriage has taken place. (I think)
I Bless the CoupleI Bless the Couple
I Bless the Couple

I was taken more than a little by surprise by this...
Three Laps Around the StageThree Laps Around the Stage
Three Laps Around the Stage

Praveen takes his new bride for three laps around the stage. This might be the Indian equilivant to: "Introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Praveen Krishnan". In this photo you can see some of the items that the procession of girls brought onto the stage with them (laying on the floor).
The Dreaded Banana and MilkThe Dreaded Banana and Milk
The Dreaded Banana and Milk

Here I am participating in the banana and milk feeding...
Family PhotoFamily Photo
Family Photo

Here we are...Ruth and me looking at one camera, Praveen and his sister looking at another one, and his parents looking at HIM... There were so many cameras it was hard to know which one to look at!
Sharing the ThroneSharing the Throne
Sharing the Throne

After the wedding is over, a little relaxing moment alone on stage.
Angela & RuthAngela & Ruth
Angela & Ruth

Aren't they beautiful?
Getting "Wrapped" ...AgainGetting "Wrapped" ...Again
Getting "Wrapped" ...Again

Ruth has help putting on the new sari that she will wear home from the wedding.

I am reunited with my Berks.
Praveen & SandhyaPraveen & Sandhya
Praveen & Sandhya

Praveen and his sister.
Indian Princess BrideIndian Princess Bride
Indian Princess Bride

This was taken after Ruth changed into her second sari... She is beautiful, huh?

7th January 2006

Ruth looks beautiful in the sari.
9th April 2006

Rich Color and Happy Celebration
Beautiful family and friends=

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