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June 30th 2013
Published: June 30th 2013
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my first trip to Chennai was after the disastrous event at Bangalore and I arrived by an early morning flight and left for the guest house only to be told that I had been shifted to another guest house and of course because of the event the previous day I hadn't checked my mails so words were exchanged with travel desk but it didn't make much difference. In India we have a saying " Whatever Happens happens for the best" I'm not sure if it originated in India but we do believe in it a lot. the next guest house was this amazing house somewhere in the best locality in Chennai maybe altamount Road and it was beautiful. It was meant for the likes of the Chairman of the Company and here I was an assistant manager staying in it.

I left for the Park where the event was supposed to take place and our models had come from Bangalore along with the event organisers. The event was going well in a candle lit bar at the Park when all hell broke loose during the press briefing and shoot with the division manager screaming her head off. My boss left in a huff and puff, crying all the way and it was such a dampener. The guests, models and press were stunned and there was a major row with the hotel staff and blah blah let's just forget about it all. I returned to my lovely room filled with the most ornate wooden furniture and slumped into a tired stupor only to wake the next morning and leave on an early morning flight for Kolkata.

the next time we went to Chennai was in 2010 when hubby was going there for an interview. my dad would armour us with a few vouchers from Taj and we booked ourselves at the Taj, Mount Road and by eight in the morning had reached Chennai from Bangalore and were on our way to the hotel. We used one of the vouchers to upgrade ourselves and got an executive room instead. After room service and lunch we hired a cab to take us around the city and drove to the station, the High Court, Kapaleswar temple and Marina Beach. The Beach is beautiful and enjoys a vast coastline, we stood amongst the waves and saw fish being cooked on open fires. We also went to the Eliot beach and had a fishy dinner at a local restaurant there. The next day we had breakfast and hubby left for his interview. I worked out at the gym and he returned while I was in the middle of my workout. We ordered room service of kebabs and rasamalai.

In the evening I convinced my hubby to go out for a walk and we walked to a nearby shopping mall but it was crowded and humid, so we walked back and went up to the rooftop swimming pool and sat there for sometime. This was in November and hence it wasn't as hot as Chennai can get. After sometime we left for the airport and were happy to have enjoyed our short and sweet trip to Chennai.


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