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May 21st 2010
Published: June 21st 2010
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We had a special ceremony on an auspicious day for the planting season. While everyone was getting ready Avatarpuri and I climbed some trees. Phool PuriJi came to do the puja. We said a prayer that the harvest would be good. We got some of the diggers that PuspaJi and the workers would use. Phool Puriji told us its a really good day and constellation to start preparing for the planting. It was like a mother earth day. Phool PuriJi said we should do puja before we start any new projects. The tractor started to plough the field so it was also like tractor puja too! We had some yummy prasad at the end.

Mum saw a key sitting on our window sill outside. She asked me about it. I said "Well, no one could get into the kitchen so when I saw the key in the lock I took the key and then I hid the key to the kitchen gate and put it there on the window sill. It's been open for three days without anybody knowing where the key is". Agni Devi Ji found out about it and put it back but Jasraj Ji said it was good if we hide it so we can get into the kitchen to get water instead of waiting for the meal times or climbing the fence and maybe hurting your butt!

Its school holidays so Ive been making things in the workshop and playing in the garden. We set up Avatarpuri's tite rope again. I've been practicing. When no one is there to help me get balanced at the start, I use a stick! I've got a good stick collection but we can't take them back to Australia because there might be bugs in the wood.

When Swamiji was here I was helping lots of Karma Yogis get some jobs done. I put twenty five water filters in the store room. I carried sixteen really, REALLY, heavy yoga matts and put them in the storeroom too. I also carried lots of sheets. Before I moved the sheets I had an awesome cubby house when they were in a pile. Ram Puri Ji and Santosh Puri Ji helped me make two awesome cubby houses. When I was helping Santosh Puri Ji with the beds, I asked him if I could climb up to the top one. He said it was too dangerous and he would feel guilty if I got hurt. I asked him "What does it mean to be guilty?" He laughed and said "You are the lucky one who does not know what it means to feel guilty!"

I was talking to PurnanandJi about how if there were two paths Aiden and I would always chose the opposite direction. He said "Yes and then when the circle comes around to join you will meet again!" It was a good story and its probably true!

I've been playing with Kasyap our garden turtle. We have been trying to find out what Kasyap likes to eat. We have good cooks at the Ashram but I think Kasyap likes to eat raw food. Mum has been taking me for doubles on the horse in the morning and its SO much fun. We did all four: walk, trot, canter and gallop. Gallop is my favourite!

I was reading the dogshark books to Mum. The characters are half dogs and half sharks and act mostly like people. I said to Mum "Are these people crazy? Why do they drill a hole in their body to put a piece of metal in? Like in their tongue?! Do they like pain? What about their teeth?" Mum says she doesn't have all the answers.

We're going back to Australia to see Dad and our friends. I am excited but will miss the Jadan friends. We'll come back again soon.

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21st June 2010

My boyfriend and I have been enjoying your blog! I can't believe you carried six yoga mats! I can barely carry two! I guess I need to do more yoga! That turtle, Kasyap is amazing! I've never seen a turtle that looks like that. Keep up the great photos and posts, and don't forget that if there's anything you'd like to share on our community blog we'd love to post it, as we really enjoy your stuff and think that our readers would also! Heather :)
4th July 2010

Jadan blog
Thanks Cal, for the photoes and wonderful stories, you sure have a mrvellous life. Love Grandma

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