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December 30th 2011
Published: June 16th 2017
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KIte stores are everwhere and lots of practice going on getting ready for the big festival in mid-January
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Dec 29 – Jaipur

After stopping at the hospital to have my finger checked and re-dressed we headed to Jaipur. The road was 'good' which means it didn't have a lot of pot holes etc. but it was still rough going dodging around construction and just navigating the weird, crazy traffic. Supposedly, Indians drive on the left side of the road but at any given time there could be a car, motorcycle, bus or transport truck heading ‘head-on' at us. Anand, our driver was very good but sitting in the front seat, because I get car sick in the back seat, was often scary.

We arrived in Jaipur right around 1pm and checked into the Pearl Palace which was highly recommended by several guide books, Christy Dobbs, and Trip Advisor. I figured we couldn't go wrong and we are not disappointed. The Peacock Restaurant on the roof top looks like it was decorated by Gaudi. We had lunch before heading out to see the City Palace and the Observatory. Both well worth seeing.

Dec 30

Today we headed out early for Amber Fort which is a bit outside Jaipur. We had arranged for our rickshaw driver from yesterday to pick us up and he was right on time. The drive up to the fort was chilly but well worth the effort. This is a huge fort with a long walk up to the main entrance. It was very busy today with people lined up to ride elephants up the ramp. We preferred to walk which was an adventure dodging the elephant poop and the elephants themselves. I got swiped by an elephant's tail – a bit messy and it had some power to it! We wandered around the fort without a guide this time. We have seen enough of them now to know the basic layout and what the various areas are for. This one has a spectacular mirrored courtyard which is absolutely stunning. It is being carefully restored and much of the work is done. We met up with our driver and headed into the old city where he let us off and we wandered the various bazaars for a couple of hours. Jaipur is loud, hectic, and frenetic even but there is something about it we like. It would actually like to have had another day here but, who knew!

Met up with our driver again and stopped at Lassiwala – the oldest and most famous lassi maker in Jaipur. I had my first ‘official' lassi and it was very good.

We are now back at the ‘Pearl' catching up on things before dinner and packing for out trip tomorrow to Agra and the Taj Mahal!!

Additional photos below
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Behind the screenBehind the screen
Behind the screen

The view is quite good
One of the 'seasons' gates at City PalaceOne of the 'seasons' gates at City Palace
One of the 'seasons' gates at City Palace

There are four gates leading from this courtyard - one for each season. I think this is spring.

This place is amazing - this is a huge sundial but also ployts locations of planets etc. This was built in the 1700's by oneofthe mahrajas and restored in 1901.
The 'thinking' monkeyThe 'thinking' monkey
The 'thinking' monkey

Actually he was taking a bite of a piece of fruit

1st January 2012

Hi Richard and Carole, Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful day in Jaipur. Thank you for sharing all the pictures you have taken over there. They are so very nice and are so interesting places and things there. We love them all so much.
We feel we are there in Jaipur with you. We greatly look forward to seeing you in Cambodia soon. With our much love, Neat, Vatana, Thida and Poan
1st January 2012

Hi Carole and Richard, Happy prosperous New Year! We would also like to wish you good health and happiness with all the best for 2012! Hope you have had wonderful days in India. Looking forward to seeing you in Cambodia. With our love, Neat
, Vatana, Thida and Poan
1st January 2012

Hi Richard and Carole, Happy prosperous New Year! Hope you have had wonderful days in India! May the spirit of the New Year will bring you much joys and happiness. We greatly look forward to seeing you in Cambodia afterward. With our love,
Neat, Vatana, Thida and Poan

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