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January 25th 2005
Published: January 25th 2005
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After a couple of days of air and train travel we are now in Jaipur, the Pink City. We found a very nice hotel with hot showers, which we both badly needed. I walked out into the courtyard this morning to find monkeys swinging around and peacocks flying about. There seems to be a new suprise everytime I turn around. We took an autorickshaw around the city today with our new friend and driver, Ali. He is a karma believing muslim that is about our age. We explored some ancient buildings and tombs today, including the Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort. We also checked out the Jantar Mantar which is a huge astrological playground full of enormous stone instruments used to map the many celestial beings. Our favorite thing here is the many elephants that inhabit the roads along with the many cars, cycles, people and other animals. Off to Agra and the Taj Mahal tomorrow...


25th January 2005

Hey man sounds like you are both having a great time. I just flipped through all the happenings - no sleep, monkeys, afternoon tea, ganja, and snakes shake'n there money makers. Though I have never met Bean, I can see that we share the same fondness/amazement for the reptile rumba. I look forward to new postings and be wary of those who speak of Jose S. Linares. - Bryan
27th January 2005

E to India
It sounds amazing there. 2 feet of snow in NYC. I met some skaters and went to there super secret underground layer skatepark with a huge bowl and miniramp in brooklyn. finally found a job. been haging out in loud japanese sake bars on st. marks place. made cotton candy the other night. i love you all. i had a dream last night that bean was a guru dressed up in robes with a shaved head. he chased all around my grandmothers yard because he liked my stick. eeeeeee - ADAM
22nd February 2005

Jose S. Linares
Who are you? and you is Jose S. Linares - holly
16th April 2005

I have heard of jose, important!!!!!!!
I live in VA and i recently found writings of jose s linares. He is a 4 ft s.american with intentions of ending the world! He hurt herbert. he is the devil. he has been dead 10 yrs. THE DEVIL ANTICHRIST!!!! PASS IT ON! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! - Jomamma
12th May 2005

Jose S. Linares...isn't he the black devil demon antichrist from Bogota? He put the evil on Herbert's brain. I'm in Hampton, VA. - me
21st May 2008

The Devil Antichrist...
He was made to wear diapers and stole some smithfield hams from me...he is indeed the Devil Anitchrist and is marked 666 with a K.

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