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January 31st 2005
Published: January 31st 2005
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I think I've emerged relatively unscathed from this two day train ride from Southern India to the capital of India, New Delhi. My stomach seems to be okay after eating nothing but train food and I have all my luggage with me! The toilets are okay but a bit dicey as the contents of the toilet dump directly onto the train tracks so you have to keep your possessions close in hand. The ride was actually pretty fun as I did nothing but eat and try new food. I guess certain train stations are famous for regional foods they produce well so when the train stops for a few minutes at the station, people make a mad dash to the vendor. I had some delicious pineapple juice at the Vijayawada train station in Andhra Pradesh. I will have to try the candied pumpkin famous in Agra.
In continuing with my curiosity over arranged marriages in India, I read the matrimonial classified section in an english Indian newspaper. Almost always, the person's caste is mentioned whether its a man looking for a woman the same caste or a woman looking for a man who's caste is irrelevent. Here's a random fact for

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you. For a person (usually a woman) who is looking for marriage and has "issues" it translates into well, she's got children.
As for Delhi, I'm staying in the area of Paharganj, near the train station. It's a bit seedy (someone came up to me offering some smokable drugs) but its where the backpackers hang out and I do feel safe here. I think the plans are to go shopping and maybe do a bit of sightseeing if I get around to it before heading to Agra.


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