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June 23rd 2008
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balls of steelballs of steelballs of steel

joel on the drip. how sterilized the needle is..is of cos subject to speculation. but of cos desperate times necessitate desperate measures. and the delhi belly is not fun and games
ratm's battle of los angeles album's playing on end now. listening to my stuff of old. when i was still that raging and choleric young secondary schooler who tuned into ratm, soundgarden, NIN, sonic youth and the rest of the syndicate. doesnt make for the best blogging music though; very jarring and grating on the ear. JUST LIKE INDIA. well i'd be honest and stick my head out on the guillotine- i didnt quite fancy it too muchos. and coupled with the fact that ive been afflicted with the Delhi belly; aka 01x major diarrhea, haha it doesnt exactly spell like the most riveting of permutations that make you wanna stay. people here are really nettlesome. there are touts aplenty who dont confer you ur own personal space they incessantly hover around you like a sinister evil apparition; which leaves me feeling nothing but rancor and gall for them. the commonfolk arent the benign and urbane of breeds as well; they size you up, cant be arsed to break the most tiny of smiles, the list goes on. well it seems ive nth but vitriol for india but haha ok la in all fairness, maybe im biased.after coming from pakistan, which
spread the lovespread the lovespread the love

thats our free dorm at the golden temple. dont start oohing and aahing and raving. wait til you check the sheets out. even i got freaked out. the best things in life sometimes arent always free. hahaha
really tops it for me; the bar has really been set that high. ok but india has its merits la. except i cant conjure anything up now. when you're sick i suppose india's the last place you wanna be caught la. oh ya! our stomach bug was so bad we had to go see a doc. nth wrong, except that it was at the most seedy and dodgy of clinics in delhi's equivalent of khao san road in bkk, thailand. get the idea? we had to be put on drip. yes drip, with needles. indian needles. in a street where dubious druggies are peddling marijuana in a cosmic spaced-out mien. haha stellar.
the taj was overrated in my book. wasnt quite 'feeling it'. i dont know, some people say you either adore or abhore india. the jury is still out, cos time is running out and home beckons. the money is also depleting. maybe its the heat? i doubt it. we woke up thrice nightly in the scathing heat of Lahore nights in Pakistan without a single gripe despite being inundated in a torrent of our own sweat. still laughed it off and went back to slp. on a more
punks not deadpunks not deadpunks not dead

yes. we had to have 'turbans' to be admitted into the golden temple. go on have a laugh knock urselves out haha.
buoyant note, border crossing was kickass, the golden temple where we slpt for free was a ball, amritsar was a charming start, the train ride to delhi was shit, our stay in delhi was decent, taj just so-so, rajasthan didnt work out, meeting the english girls was a blast, etc. its just a very small peek at india, i should be back someday there. or maybe not. haha. some pictures to end this sojourn.

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free food galore. and killer phrases aplenty.
bhangra buddiesbhangra buddies
bhangra buddies

this is my punjabi friend. he's the 'jaga' of the room. macham bouncer. everynight bring his phone in play bhangra songs. lepak only that fella.

andy in a contemplative mood. actually more like dulan la. haha we were the worst possible seats on an indian train to delhi. the furthest thing from the darjeeling limited man. upset.
crew cutcrew cut
crew cut

the gang cutting a picture. us and the London posse in delhi.

thats me and anna. gem of a girl. hahaha kidding la dont anyhow hypothesize theorize ah you budding pundits

haha our mandatory tourist kodak-moment

24th June 2008

Diamonds are forever.
Memories fade away..... but pictures don't, and it brings back sweet memories.... "I am, sitting infront of taj mahal, My heart, is feeling so fragile, where's she, where is this beautiful girl?"
26th June 2008

i salute you
respect. i guess this trip is much more nasty than last year's. but nonetheless. amazing. -salute-

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