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February 2nd 2008
Published: February 6th 2008
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As the plane touched down on a foggy morning on the Indira gandhi Runway we thought to ourselves i think the free gin was good value. Little did we know that India awaited!! After the inevitibl wait for our bags and the fun of immigration....can you spell strip search...we got to our car! delhi is further than you might think from its own international airport! Foresight from the shand meant a car was ready and waiting to take us to an unknown hostel in an unknown city. Arrival at the hostel meant a little walk through the main bazaar in the early hours of the morning, dodging the cows, dogs and excrement, not forgetting the shopkeepers!

The hostel was surprisingly clean and civilised considering the mayhem that was underway outside the glass doors! after making our first teensy mistake and handing over our passsports to a small man we were shown to a holding cell/room to await the magnificence that was our room for the next two days. after a little nap and enquiring when our passports would be returned we blindly went on our way to see some sights of this fantastic new country. Fancying a walk we went to connaught place and had a look at what delhi had to ofer4. It seems traffic and crazys are the order of the day! it is hard to understand how many people can hassle you in such a short space of time! A short trip to the train station yielded a address and a rickshaw from where we booked a trip around uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. First meal in the hostel consisted of two thali and one slice on toast! jam thankyou.

The following day we were picked up from near...half k walk through crazytown... our hotel and shown the sights of to follow...maybe. after our first experience of Indian Chai we went to rough order..The presedents house and parliament buildings, the gate of India, Humayan'd tomb, the lotus temple, Qut'b Minar, The ex prime ministers house, gandhi's house and the lakshimi narayan temple.. which were all awesome.

After consultation of our bible...the lonely p[lanet guide McNeill D chose a fantastic little restaurant with awesome views of delhi through the tiny toilet window! no Jokes! With a hard day behind us we ordered beers which came wrapped in paper and a strict warning to keep them out of sight due to a lack of license. Sleep came easily to some after this but the thought of "fish and Chips" called after us as we walked home still lingers in Marks mind


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