Final day

Published: May 5th 2014
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Well dear readers this is my last blog for my India leg of my trip.

We took a flight back from Varanasi back to Delhi. We stopped on the way for a take way breakfast at 9am in the morning from Macdonalds - it was closed!!! What's that all about I ask you. So we tried the fake Burger King and hit the same problems so it was off to the airport for us and we had be brekkie there instead. However no brown bread, no orange juice and we couldn't decide if the beans on toast was the kind we have in the UK or perhaps kidney beans or some other kind of beans on toast. So erred on the side of caution and went for fried eggs, white bread and a milky coffee.

The flight was painless and baggage and security checks straight forward. We visited the book shop and noted the various copies of the karma sutra and other similar books related to getting the best from your love life lol.

We landed in Delhi and collected our bags. I used the cash machine which was an experience and it seems had my card scammed. However Dushyant seems to think it was simply left my card in the machine too long and it got stopped. Here you just pop your card in and then take it out again straight away. So my card got stopped. I thought it was just because it was the first time it had been used in India although I had told the bank i was going away.

So when I got to the hotel, had to ring the bank from my mobile and sort it all out. Now all I have to do is arrange for the new bank card to be sent from my home address in the UK to an address somewhere in Asia when I know where I will be. Good job I have my credit card with me too or I would be scupper end. But someone did advise of money gram as a plan B or C so I may need to look into that if needs be. Checked my bank balance too and all my money is still there. So another hurdle to over come.

So we headed out for our final meal together, back to the restaurant where it all started. We chatted and reflected on our trip. Where we had been and what we had seen, our three fave places and moments etc and of course the laughter continued. Meal times are always good for chatting and laughing and we learn so much. As I like to say every day is a school day lol.

We finally said our goodbyes and exchanged email addresses we all headed off to the market or back to,the hotel and our rooms. Everyone was leaving the next day bit I had a couple of days left to kill before my flight to Colombo.

However ironically the Delhi belly struck big stylie and man was i ill. I will spare you the detail suffice to say was not pleasant. So I spent most of yesterday in bed recovering and only had my tea around 6pm ish - a bowl of cornflakes. Feeling back to normal today but keeping away from Indian food as the thought of it turns my stomach. Best leave it a while before I attempt any form of curry again me thinks.

So today had been an easy day just chilling and trying to upload all my photos on to my ipad and back them up. Its a long old process.

So it may be a few days until my next blog until I'm settled and have access to wifi.

Til the rock on m/



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