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December 21st 2009
Published: December 21st 2009
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Thanks to all for your comments and for reading. Enjoying mental health issues at the moment, so staying in my head more, and not putting it out there. Probably not the best thing for me, I realize. Have fun at xmas if that means something to you. I'll be back in Benares so that may help. Might write then.
I saw an official road sign saying" Don't gossip, let him drive"
What a strange place.


21st December 2009

love you and lovely to hear your beloved voice. xxxxxxxx
21st December 2009

Hi Sam, Your blogs are superb...I get the taste of India and a taste of you. When a few days pass without a blog, there is something missing, like a drug and sudden relief when you appear in my In box. The world now has great expectations of you. And it seems you have writers block with your blog, which is better than a blocked bog. Nick has been gone for 3 weeks now, apparently in thailand, but not word. I think he's just blocked. Love what and how you are writing, Shravakar

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