Day 12: "No Leave Manjri"

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March 24th 2012
Published: March 25th 2012
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Hey this is Tessa and Siena again … yup, they actually let us write another blog. So here we go, day 13. For most, it started with an hour-long hike at the crack of dawn. Actually it was just a few of the ‘youngling’s’ (as Pam would call us), who went on the hike to the top of a nearby mountain with some of Bapu’s relatives for guides. It was short but sweet or so we’re told, because both Tessa and I were too sick to make the trek. The adults (who, may I add, are completely insane) passed on this adventure and had a ‘calm’ rest that was supplemented by Indian Birthday cake and a song, from a young student who was celebrating her 15thBirthday.

After arriving back from their hike, the kids and the rest of the team ate a lovely breakfast and we all finally had our long over due devotions. I swear, devotions in the morning is the only thing that keeps us sane … or rather what passes for sane well Pam, Soren and Mike are on the team.

We had a busy day that day, which included playing games with girls, meeting the two puppies on campus which we named Tea and Coffee, having our nails painted and Tessa getting her long awaited henna. During the day the boys helped the workmen dig and cement in the two swing sets that we had bought for the girls. Now when you dig holes in the ground and then wet the dirt, inevitably you get mud. Three boys and a pile of mud results in EVERYONE getting muddy. At first the mud fight was contained to the boys but eventually Siena was caught in the crossfire. Let’s just say the person who got her muddy didn’t remain clean for long. After that the girls insisted on pumping water and washing our hands, legs and face to the amusement of the rest of the team.

Like the boys school, we were able to be apart of the Teacher Appreciation service, which went much like the previous one. The girls on the team helped by serving food and drinks (because the boys were still digging at this point) well the teachers on the team talked with the teachers from the school about Canadian schools, teaching styles, student life etc. Afterwards, we gave them a few small mementos from Canada (such as pins, pens and bookmarks) and thanked them for the great work they're doing.

Next we prepared for our last chapel, which would include singing songs, a dance by Kirsten and Siena, and finally a Hindi movie. The service went well, with the girls more used to singing along, and the dance going smoothly despite the cultural differences. The movie however was slightly sketch, and the team was a little uncomfortable with the beginning. Apparently this type of movie was normal for the girls, but among our team there were some murmurs of objection. Don’t worry it wasn’t too outrageous and we couldn’t really understand anything that was going on so some misinterpretation is likely.

Now it was finally time to go to sleep, and say goodbye. The girls kept repeating ‘Canada bad, stay here’ or ‘No leave tomorrow’ and I think more than a few of us would have been happy to stay.

<span>Please pray for safe journeys back to the boys school. We are all in the same class on the train this time which could be a bad or good thing?! We have ALOT of tavelling to do in the next 48 hours so pray that the team adjusts well and that God solidifies the work He is doing in each one!


25th March 2012

Keep up the good work!
We will keep on praying for you and your ministry! God Bless :)
25th March 2012

Yay!! I've been missing the updates! I'm counting the 'sleeps' until you get home! Can't wait :) Will definitely be praying for you as you head home.
26th March 2012

thank you
.... Tessa, Sienna, all of you for taking the time to feed our souls, to fill our hearts. These bits and pieces of your days are cherished by ALL of us, and I'm sure sometimes difficult in the heat and busyness of your days. As we drift through our days of snow, rain, and even some sunshine, we wait (though hardly patiently) for each word and adventure you impart. Connor, we know this is so incredible and pray for your health and safety always. Your descriptive narratives have made us smile and I can only imagine the wonder in your eyes at so much that's new in your world. Your in good hands but can't wait 'til your home. Love you LM.

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