Day 6: A Day of Rest

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March 18th 2012
Published: March 18th 2012
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Day 6: A Day of Rest

After a busy, fun-filled week mixed with travels, new experiences, and everything else we finally had some down time this Sunday. Our day started at 6:45am. The school hosts a Sunday School for the 650 boys in the dining hall and so after waking up we were wisked away to participate. You could hear the drums and singing from the guest house (which is on the polar other side of the dining hall) of all the kids worshipping in unison. We were welcomed in to the meeting again by their clapping and smiles. All of the kids sitting on the ground listening and watching Pastor Dilip (double Dilip) lead them in prayers and song. We were able to sing "My God is So Big" again. The kids are catching on quickly and love to sing it fast! I (Mike) spoke at Sunday School. It's really hard to speak to the students about something they live with more joy, excitement, and eagerness then I could ever know. I understanding more fully now how Paul felt when we started his letters to the Corinthians, " 4 I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. 5 For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge— 6 God thus confirming our testimony about Christ among you. 7 Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. 8 He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord."

These students lack nothing in faith. What a privilege it is to stand before them and tell them how richly blessed they are and how fortunate we are that we can be with them.

Not long after Sunday School we had breakfast and then church. Our team was asked to sing a song for the congregation of 100 men and women from the surrounding villages. We sang, "I Love You Lord" accapella. The ladies of the village shared a song with us as well. Church here is a very refreshing reminder that the Spirit of God flows heavy in places where He is called upon.

As the day moved ahead we had full intentions of hanging out with the students for most hours but we found ourselves plagued with a heavy 45 degree heat. You know it's hot when the locals are wearing head coverings. However, (Ross you would be proud), we had the chance to learn and play cricket. Pam and I toughed out the heat and took the students on in a friendly game. Side note: these kids think I'm some kind of body builder (its great for the ego) and so they chose me to be first hitter in the game. I was very encouraged when they told me I hit 14 points only to learn afterwards that 14 points was patheticly low in cricket. They didnt let me bat again. Pam on the other hand kept launching it over the compound wall...she was aloud to keep hitting. The rest of the day was filled with rest, naps, and card games with the kids.

When the later afternoon rolled around we as a team were able to watch as the school brought in a special cook to put together a special meal for the kids. The meal is chicken biryani. A traditional Indian dish that the kids only get once every few years. We watched a man combine all these spices and vegetables into these massive pots over fires in the courtyard. When it came time to eat, the kids were so excited, and they kept coming up and thanking us for the meal. We were able to eat with the kids in the dining hall tonight. They were so appreciative for the meal that one student asked to pray for Anne's meal and another two asked to sing a Marahti song to Amy. Unbelieveable.

Not long after an amazing meal we were all exhausted. The team is currently climbing the schools water tower and watching fireworks with some of the older boys. The 'older team members' are relaxing in the courtyard listening to a student play guitar and sing Marahti worship just outside our guest house. I've had a taste of the Promise Land - milk and honey come in a variety of forms.

That's day 6 - the day of much needed rest. Tomorrow we venture into the city again to purchase items for the school, Monday will be busy day.

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19th March 2012
Photo 12

SNOWING !!!!! .... again.
Well it's snowing again here Monday morning in Burnanby and yes it was snowing yesterday on the way to church. Still not sure if I'd trade it for 46 degrees. Thanks for the pictures and commentary, it really keeps us connected. More pictures of the team with the kids would be great. Thanks.
20th March 2012

I love the day 6:I adore that the faces of these children. Their faith is sketched in them. They are truly children of God, singing and praising and love in their eyes. Crying again! Love you Mission Team!!!

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