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April 7th 2007
Published: April 7th 2007
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The Route So Far

The Route So Far
Sally Evers & Nick Griffith

We are back on the road again, and this time for our last trip before we get back to the real world 😊 For those of you who don't know (or care) we are in India for the next 3 months to soak up the sun, temples and smells!

We started in Chennai just over a week ago, which is on the East Coast. We got off the plane to the smell of curries which we thought was quite funny. It was pretty smelly and hot but a good introduction to India, we spent a couple of days there because there was a government strike on our second day which meant all shops and flights into Chennai were closed / cancelled - it was a bit surreal and like London being totally shut down for the day. We did not need to worry too much though as everything opened up again at 7pm so we made it out to a bar called Zara's for a night of drinking cocktails, yum yum.

One of the first mad experiences we had was our rickshaw crashing (ok, bumping) into the car in front, a
Allo Allo Allo Allo Allo Allo

Pondicherry Policemen have the same get up as french ones
few angry hands were waved by the driver and then he drove off. Its fair to say that the drivers out here are mad, they don’t stay in their lane and priority is by size and how loud your horn is!

We got a bus out of the city to the beach resort of Mamalupuram. This was more like it, sun, sea and a very laid back way of life. We were there with Daryl from the night before and visited the shore temple and 5 Rathas that were pretty cool but the heat was too much so the boys headed into the sea. We enjoyed a meal of tiger prawns that were more like mini lobsters.

A couple of days later and we starred as Bollywood extras back in Chennai. It was fun for the first hour as we had to do Indian dance moves (the film was set in a nightclub) but then it got too hot, what with no air con and the studio probably being above 40 degrees. Nevertheless we will tell you when the premiere is (we also got paid 7 quid for our time which was a bonus).

Pondicherry, a former

We were not the glamourous extras as both had sweat dropping off us for the whole day. Make up was only a necessity for the 3 leading actors!
French colony, was an afternoon trip - very pleasant - we visited an Ashram (Meditation center) and wandered around the Boulevard-type streets. We then took our first night train in air con sleeper. As it was bloody expensive Nick and I were expecting a beautiful wooden carriage with crisp Egyptian cotton sheets and our own Manuel. What we got was a blue plastic bed and 7 Indian men eating their curry on it before we arrived, still it was fast and quite comfortable.

We spent a day at Kanyakumari, the Lands End of India, where the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian sea meet - we were not quite sure where. We then had a guided tour round a temple (the wrong way) and we were given our first Bindi spots!

The next highlight was Varkala, a cliff lined beach resort that was a haven to relax in. We checked into our bamboo bungalow (a fiver a night) and then experienced an Ayurvedic massage (not together). Its not for the modest as we had to strip totally naked and were then given a piece of muslim cloth to cover our nether regions. With about a litre of oils being massaged into the body it was totally relaxing but I felt like I should be in a chip pan with that much grease.

To finish off the week we thought it was time we chilled out and hired a traditional houseboat to take us around the backwaters of Kerala, supposedly India’s Venice. It was very relaxing as we did not do much, just watched the goings on of the river, ate yummy food and listened to our captain honk his horn (you cannot get away from it, even on the river!). Our captain, Sabu, was cool and let us drive the boat and visit his family.

Our first thoughts on India: We love it - friendly people (even though they do rip you off most of the time), sunshine, yummy curries, beautiful places, diversity and cheapness (our cheapest journey today was a 20 min ferry ride at only 5p each - it’s a bit mad)

Hope you are all well back home, if you have a mo, leave us a message, cheers, Sal and Nick J

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Us and the 5 RathasUs and the 5 Rathas
Us and the 5 Rathas

Carved out of solid rock zillions of years ago - pretty impressive
Mmmm, nice name for drinking water!Mmmm, nice name for drinking water!
Mmmm, nice name for drinking water!

They say drinking from the tap is not safe - drinking this is more risque I think.

9th April 2007

Hi Nick and Sally, very cool picks and glad you're mingling with the natives... where's the picture of you in the chicken outfit, sally? Don't suppose you brought it with you?? Currently in negotiations to get a nice apt near chamonix, so might well have another holiday home for you to go to by the time you're back! Keep in touch, and don't mention the cricket!! Paul
9th April 2007

Wow you guys, can't believe you're off again - have you not made us jealous enough?!! Awesome to hear your adventures though, keep the updates coming. We have sunshine here in England at the moment by the way - you didn't need to go all that way for it.....! Hey, nice wife-beater vests you've got there Nick - in every picture, no less! :) looking forward to the next installment. charlie xx
9th April 2007

The Empire
Nick glad to see you have gone back to policing the empire. Nice muscle vest, shame about the muscles. By the way are you losing more hair of are you wearing a helmet in those photos? Hope you are missing my ritual abuse. stay safe both of you Skid
10th April 2007

....and the Academy Award goes to...?
Hey Guys, Great pics great stories..keep them coming!! It's nearly the end of our trip boo hoo! Though just about sorted the visas for the Trans Mongolian...what a blooming nightmare.. sure it'll be fun though! Looking foward to more of your Indian adventures! Take care Shari and Andy x
12th April 2007

to the Bollywood stars
It looks lovely there. We are doing fine with the weather though! It has been great in Blackpool and there is loads of sand to dig - miles infact! The party went off well and we all had champagne. I really love that stuff. We got back today. I will write an e-mail to you as well. Love Mum
12th April 2007

Lucky you are!!!!
Hi guys! Quel ravissement d'avoir de vos nouvelles via ce merveilleux blog. Grace à vous deux on a un peu l'impression de voyager nous aussi! Continuez à nous faire partager vos magnifiques periples à travers le monde et à nous faire rêver. Merci pour toutes ces belles photos qui semblent sorties tout droit d'un catalogue vantant les mérites du Paradis.I thought it might be fun to have comments in french so good luck for the translation. Take care
17th April 2007

I thought it was a joke ... but no, you are now both Bollywood stars! That is fantastic!! You both look great and that house boat looks so cool. As for going back to the real world .... its not that great there. I say we meet up next year and you can accompany us home. Have a think about it ... ; ) Lynny xx
17th April 2007

hey guys, wow you do lead the glamorous life! We came back last night from 10 days in sri lanka can't believe I didn't realise you were so near! Love the pictures guys what a laugh love the house boat... Sri Lanka was fab so bloomin hot though. Nic love the vest the green really suits you.. need to trim that chest hair unless you are planning to be in a bollywood film. Loved the fact you were an extra I bet it was a giggle sal I can see you now nuzzeling to be at the front! missing you as always x
23rd April 2007

hello Sal and Nick, Just got your travel blog from India it looks great. Houseboat looks good fun - bit different to ones back here. Am gutted as have been in Goa for last two weeks and didnt realise you were in India - maybe we could have met up for a curry! That would have been fantastic. But alas am back now in Blighty and will have to wait to see you when you return on english turf. Hope you are both well and having a fantastic time you film stars! Lots oflove Suexx

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