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November 20th 2017
Published: January 28th 2018
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Prepared for divingPrepared for divingPrepared for diving

This is my first scuba diving in Kerala. A bit nervous but still trying to smile!
For different people, oceans can mean different things. For some, it may mean beaches and seashores with a lot of surface adventures. To others, it means something deeper than that. My entire perception of the oceans got altered in a major way recently – Thanks to Bond Safari of Kovalam in Kerala.

One may have seen a lot of marine life videos from sources such as Discovery and Animal Planet and even YouTube these days. But when we watch such videos, we think that such activities are really complicated to be carried out by the majority of ordinary people who do not have much knowledge of the marine life. Thanks to Bond Safari, having such experiences are not impossible in Kerala anymore.

During November 2017, I visited Kovalam and enjoyed the beauty of this coastal village for a couple of days. While the stay, beaches, lighthouse and other attractions made our trip worth the visit, it was the scuba diving that made this trip truly memorable for us.

Let me share my entire scuba diving experience in Kerala in detail. But first, I must summarize in a quick few points what I learned from this experience

Scuba divingScuba divingScuba diving

An awesome experience under the water in Kovalam
diving in Kerala is a lot safer than many other comparable sports.

2.Scuba diving does not ask for a separate set of special skills or knowledge. Basic breathing practice and a little know-how about using the equipment involved in the process should do.

3.There is more marine life than we can imagine very close to the sea.

4.Even within the first 100 metres from the beach, the marine life one comes across is so much different from the ordinary fish and similar creatures we know of. The marine life is very rich and colourful and against the ordinary beliefs, is not hostile to human life.

My first scuba diving experience in Kerala

Before actually going deep into the water, I was quite nervous. Putting on the swimming costume and the breathing equipment added to the nervousness. But I was calmed down by the cool attitude of the instructor at Bond Safari. As soon as walked into the deep water, it didn’t take me long to get lost in an entirely different world full of surprises. However, it must be borne in mind that Bond Safari instructors are very specific about not touching any marine animals
Scuba diving keralaScuba diving keralaScuba diving kerala

Experienced a lot of colorful marine life

Every second under the water was a memory being created. We came across various forms of life under the water. Although we had seen most of these animals in the videos sessions prior to the actual diving, experiencing them for real was a completely different things. Apart from animals, even the underwater flora is something that can create unforgettable memories.

As soon as we came out of the water, I knew that I had created memories to last for the entire life. You can read more about my scuba diving experience in Kerala.

Preparing for Scuba Diving

1.Technical Presentation – The first step in preparing for scuba diving was the technical presentation. Although it was kind of boring, for we were all very impatient to dive into the ocean’s depths, it was a mandatory thing to do in order to learn various concepts important for the sake of safety under the water. The technical presentations briefed us about the following:

a.How to use the underwater equipment

b.How to properly breathe under the water. After the theoretical session, one is supposed to practice these things in shall waters.

c.How to properly use hand signals to communicate with the instructor under the water.

d.How to avoid associated risks in order to stay safe under the water.

Understanding the basics of scuba diving took us less than half an hour and we were enriched with most of the information required. The instructor at Bond Safari is precise while instructing.

2.Video Presentation – The technical session was followed by a video presentation in which Miss Aneesha Benedict, an expert marine biologist gave us a detailed presentation which included a lot information by way of photos and videos about the marine life present in the ocean of Kovalam.

3.Breathing Equipment and Diving Suit – Post the video presentation, we had to get familiar with the breathing equipment and the diving suit. The air cylinder which is a mix of purified atmospheric air for natural breathing purposes was pretty heavy outside the water. But it felt like nothing under the water. Besides the cylinder, a special costume was provided to keep the body warm under the cold water. The dress we wore otherwise was to be removed completely and kept in the locker provided.

Bond Safari office is about a half kilometre from the diving location. Post
Kovalam Light HouseKovalam Light HouseKovalam Light House

Another great attraction in Kovalam
change of dresses, we were taken to the beach where the instructor and the diving expert waited for us. They helped us to fit the equipment and also helped us practice breathing with the mouthpiece. We practised in the shallow water with the equipment for about 20 minutes before moving into the deep waters. When we did, we were accompanied by a cameraman with an underwater GoPro camera for recording our underwater experiences.

About Bond Safari, Kovalam

This is the only agency which lets people experience the scuba diving in Kerala. They operate from Kovalam which is one of the best beach destinations in not only Kerala but the whole of India. You can read more about scuba diving in Kerala on their official website -

When I met with Bond Safari, my experience was that they are more than just a bunch of businessmen. Rather, they are a bunch of divers who have a passion for diving and who love the marine life. In fact, Bond Safari people have at various instances demonstrated their love for the ocean and the marine life but launching various activities to protect marine life, cleaning the underwater areas of Kovalam etc.

My Overall Experience with Scuba Diving in Kerala

I would rate my overall experience with Bond Safari Kovalam a complete 5 out 5. The reason is that they were able to handle the whole program in a very sensible and professional way right from the beginning till the end. Be it the quality of instruction or the attitude of dealing with novices like me, they are always focused.

At the end, I should say that there is a lot more to oceans than just beaches that wait to be explored. If you are planning a trip to Kerala, especially to Kovalam, then scuba divinf is something that worth trying. I'm sure you will find better places in India for scuba, like Andaman, if you want to see the marine life in Kerala, then give it a try.


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