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April 27th 2012
Published: April 27th 2012
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I split off from my company and am back on the road alone now! I booked a flight back up to delhi (expensive but 6 hours of travelling verses 78...) but wanted to see Kochi first.

Unfortunately I didnt factor just how long it would take to get to Kochi from Kumily! So I didnt arrive till 5pm! Still I got to have a nice evening walking round looking at the various sights and also went to a Kathakali performance. This was an interesting experience. Kathakali acting involves very mime-like facial gestures and the actors are very good really. But they don't talk and instead communicate the 'dialogue' with the most long-winded form of sign language ever!!

Basically, what could have been conversed in 3-4 mins (with emotion and time to spare) took half an hour in their dance and sign language. I suppose it is a true celebration of gurning and body language- acting- rather than a engaging story for the audience. Interesting that it has survived really.

The make-up was proper impressive, and we got to see them putting it on and making it up, using natural rocks for the colours, mixed with coconut oil. Cool.

Anyway I wouldn't really say I've 'done' Kochi, I saw everything on the Fort Kochi side but completely missed Mantacherry, and if theres anything good at Ernarkulam I've missed that too!

Now off to Rishikesh for a few days! My last place, I have spent too long in the south and don't have time for Amritsar and Himachel Pradesh :-( Next time!! There are so many more things for me to see in India I will have to come back! :-)


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