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November 23rd 2010
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So.. I survived the bus ride from Pondicherry to Ernakulam! Cost me 1000Rps from Pondicherry to Kerala by night bus. Expensive.

The day before, I called up Benson from Costa da Gama Guesthouse and reserve a double room there. I intend to stay for about 3-4 nights in Fort Kochin.

I got off from the bus and got onto a rickshaw and told him the address. He was puzzled, but I guess Indians don't like to disappoint their guest eventhough they know nuts about the area. It took us almost 45 minutes to get to Fort Kochin from Ernakulam due to traffic congestion. The driver got lost after awhile, and was going all around Fort Kochin (such a small town!)

Afterwhich I paid 250Rps for the rickshaw, I was still cursing on the fact that tourist get ripped off so badly, and was telling myself that I should've taken at least Tamil or Hindi as my third language. LOL. Benson greeted me when he saw me, and he asked me to wait at the reception area while his staff prepares my room.

I was then approached by Midhu, the receptionist of Costa da Gama.

Midhu: Hi Sir, do you have room booking?
Me: Ermm yes? I called up Benson and he told me there's a double room available for me.
Midhu: Really? *Raise eyebrow, checking on the guest logbook* That's very strange, or perhaps you're very lucky. Yesterday one person called and asked whether we have any rooms available, and we were fully booked then. But you... you just call Benson and it's confirm? Wow. You're a very young lucky man *Wiggles head*
Me: Hahaha alright then. So I guess I have to find out what's my lucky charm then. *Wiggles head back to her.*

The room was spacious, clean, neat, basic. It feels like my room back then at home in Singapore, but this is luxury. Although I know that I paid 500Rps per night to have a room with an attached bathroom, I'm not able to complain that much. Benson was really helpful and nice to me. Midhu was really hilarious; we will greet each other everyday and have this small 'argumentation' but not the serious sort...

Midhu ask me if I would like to go for any tour/sightseeing or even the famous Kathakali. Kathakali seems to interest me, so I opt for it, and choose to do the backwater tours too. The backwater tours includes traditional Keralan lunch.

I went for the backwater tours the next day, and it was 830am. I'm such a sucker when it comes to morning as I have the habit of 'morning snooze' and I hate morning! Midhu knocked on my door, telling me that the car is waiting for me to bring me to Allepey. I quickly got up and without brushing my teeth and without any shower, I put on some deodorant and rush out to the car. I apologise to the other travellers for being late, but hey it's India, no rush!

The backwater tours was OK to a point that it got too relaxed that I dozed off while two paddlers were struggling, paddling our rowboat. Keralan Lunch was the main highlight; I've never tasted anything so good, and I was never a vegetarian! The idea of being vegetarian gross me out somehow, and this lunch was really kickass! Most of the dishes are cooked in coconut oil and it's really tasty, that I actually have three additional servings! It would've been good with a cup of hot chai to wash it down! LOL.

After the whole tour ended (which took like about 5-7hours in total), we went to board a vehicle to be sent back to our guesthouses. We were cramped into the vehicle like sardines that I have to lift my butt out of the window; not to mention the bumpy roads! :X I got back to my guesthouse and Midhu saw me and smiled.

Midhu: So how was it Farhan?
Me: Well, it was good! But I'm really hungry now! I'm going out to eat!
Midhu: *Puzzled* what about the lunch?
Me: Oh! I had them but you know I'm always hungry!
Midhu: I can't believe it, you're the only traveller I've met who is so lazy, hungry.. what else? *Shakes head*
Me: Next time you see me, call me the hungry Singaporean guy. 😉

So I went to walk around Fort Kochin, the beach was extremely dirty! But I was too lazy to board the ferry to get onto the other side of Fort Kochin. It was pretty much a relaxed trip, walking around the town, with chai everywhere, and I've met and made friends with couple of travellers, like Karien from Netherlands and Helen from England, and yeah we exchanged emails and keep in touch!

I miss this home for children where they will always cook fish curry meals for only 40Rps!! I didn't took a picture of them but it is located around the main town, opposite a school! Next time, I will definitely take a shot and make them famous! :P

Where to after Fort Kochin? North Goa baby~

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Costa Da GamaCosta Da Gama
Costa Da Gama

My bathroom! Look how clean it is~

26th January 2011

God's own country
Fort Cochin with Chinese Fishing nets at opening of back waters. The Queen of Arabian Sea. TRUE THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH
28th January 2011

God's Own Country
Indeed, I miss this place! :(

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