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December 22nd 2019
Published: December 30th 2019
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View from my car View from my car View from my car

On the way to Koti Lingeshwara Temple
Hello! I'm Anil. In 2019, at age 30. The date and time in my lappy right now is 30-Dec-2019, 05:01. Just couple of days left to tell Bye-Bye to 2019 and start a whole new Year 2020, writing my first travel blog...Cool!!

It's been my many day's wish to write my own Travel blog but couldn't start till now. Well, before I actually start about the blog, a quick introduction about myself and my journey: Born and brought up and completed full package of education from Schooling to Graduation In Bangalore. Working currently in Corporate, married and have a kid, my toddler she's just turning into 10 months now. I own 'Airavatha' (4 wheeler - Wag -R), 'Darling' (2 wheeler- Bajaj Vikrant V15) are my buddies with whom I travel most.

Now, coming to the Kolar trip, just few day's left to end 2019 and Kolar was in my travel list since many day's, planned to visit this place with my family. I work near Marathalli, so well aware about the traffic conditions of K R Puram, planned to leave my place as early as possible which is at the other end of the city. We had planned to start at 6.am as we didn't wanted our toddler to disturb from her sleep, It was 6.45 AM when we actually started and could experience the cool breeze and sun showing it's first glimpse with sky turning into bright orange shade. I didn't do much research on this travel as I already read through few blogs and planned the places to visit,

Start Time : 6.45 AM

Visited Places : Start- Malleshwaram(Bangalore) - Koti Lingeshwara Temple - Bangara Tirupati - Avani - Kurudumale Ganesha temple - Mulbagalu Hanuman Temple - End-Bangalore(Malleshwaram)

End Time: 7.00 PM

Travel by : Car

Road condition : Excellent

As we started soon, we were able to escape the city traffic especially near K R Puram bridge and reached Hoskote toll junction at 7.00 AM. As per new rules, FASTAG was mandate and I still didn't had one in my car, so need to wait in long queue which was for Cash/Card lines. I could notice the Fastag lane vehicles were crossing fast. If you still don't own a Fastag, get it one to save a lot of time in tolls. I am getting it soon :-)

After crossing toll, the road becomes less crowded and feels like butter smooth and my speedo was around 110/kmph. I wanted to maintain my speed within 100/kmph and reduced my speed. My GPS to Koti lingeshwara temple(KLT) was showing the destination time at 10.00 AM with a constant speed at around 80/kmph. After travelling for some distance, we all were hungry and started to find a restaurant and as I already knew there were many restaurants on the way, we found Udupi bhavan and had Idly dip with sambar(my fav, yummy) and a coffee. With that quick break, we continued our journey towards KLT, a view from my car was just like 'the road meets the sky', you need to take a U-turn after an hour journey and GPS does it job, then the road we travel is a state high way with 2 way lane, but I could see hardly much vehicles. From here, the travel feels more like a travelling through a forest as both the sides are covered with lush green trees. In this route, I didn't cross my speedo above 80/kmph as the road was new to me and need to enjoy the fragrance of the cool breeze,
My babyMy babyMy baby

At Koti Lingeshwara Temple
we even found the chendu hoova thota (chand flower garden) where we parked for a minutes and clicked few pics. My baby was enjoying every bit of the journey and we finally reached KLT at 9.45 am, the parking fee is 50 rupees and made through the entry of the temple. Once you start walking inside the temple and before you actually reach the tallest Shiva Linga, you will find many temples within where you need to follow the line discipline and poojari will explain the importance and history of their respective temples in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and English languages. Some times you may end up with the feelings that people are just behind collecting money with the visitors rather than the creating real awareness, I don't want to drag on these as it's left to individual interests on how they need to take it. When we finally reached the tallest Shiva Linga it was 10.45 am, so it will easily take 1 to 1.5 hrs from start to end. We clicked so many pics and I suggest you to visit this place as early as possible in morning as the place gets hotter later part of the day. Once we came out, I see the parking place was filled with many cars and also saw many buses. We had chir muri( bhel puri kind of) and took a 15 minutes break as it was breakfast time for our baby. We started towards to Bangara Tirupati at 11.05 am..

Bangara Tirupati -- The road condition is excellent from KLT to Bangara tirupati (Mulbagalu road) and we reached here at 11.40 am. No parking fee and place is less crowded. There is a water pond in front of the temple and you need to climb some 50 steps to reach the temple located in top of the hill. The eagle statue welcomes you, while you climb towards the temple. The lord Venkateshwara can be only seen through small window slit. Once you finish darshan, you could witness the beauty around the hill and looks around the hill is spectacular. Be aware of monkeys inside the temple, they will target to the bags/ holding in your hands. It took some 30 minutes to cover this place.

Avani -- Started towards Avani at 12.20 pm, the GPS took us through some interior village and road conditions was very bad. I should have continued the journey in Mulbagalu road till we reach the national highway and should have visited the Avani. This was the only road in bad shape in overall journey and we made to Avani at 1.00 PM. There is a temple located in hill top which could be seen on the way towards Avani. We were in thought if the temple is closed as it's already 1.00 pm but after inquiring with localities, we came to know the temple will be opened in noon as well. This is awesome place where you can notice the sculptures carved in stones, shiva lingas, perfect place to observe the beauty of carvings in Gopuras, the place is very cool and open. The great beauty of Lord Ramlingeshwara has no words to describe. Took so many pics and we started our journey towards Kurudumale Ganesha temple at 1.30 pm.

Kurudumale Ganesha temple -- GPS from Avani to Kurudumale Ganesha temple will take you to national highway where I found this route would have been better way to reach Avani. It was 1.30 pm and we were very hungry. Quickly inquired about the good near by restaurant and we found Hotel Sarvana Bhavan, reached this place and ordered south indian meals which is 120 per plate with unlimited rice, food was very good and loved the thick curd they gave with payasam. The hotel is exactly near to the entry of Mulbagalu road which leads to Kurudumale Ganesha temple and Mulbagalu Hanuman temple. We took a good amount of break after we finished our lunch and started towards Kurudumale Ganesha temple at 2.30 pm and reached this place at 3.05 pm, luckily got to know that temple was just opened. It's a small temple but the idol of Lord Ganesha is quite big and darshan was peaceful. It took 15 minutes and we started towards Mulbagalu Hanuman temple. Again road condition is very good.

Mulbagalu Hanuman temple -- The temple is wide and lord Hanuman was decorated in betel leaf, the ambiance inside the temple feels devotional and you feel peace hearing to mantras, shlokas and gante sounds. I had been to this place before so I knew parking space is congested in front of the temple, so took a round across the temple and parked my car. It was 4.10 when we finally started towards our home. I drove 120+ till I reach hoskote toll and from there it took me another 1.30 hrs to reach home, only flyover from Hoskote to K R puram and white tapping in ring road near Manyata tech park. We finally reached home at 7.10 PM.

The places I covered was all outer Kolar district, I am planning to visit Antharagange with trekking, Kolaramma temple, Someshwara temple in my next journey to Kolar. As my mom didn't seen Koti Lingeshwara temple had covered outskirts of Kolar district in this journey.

Thanks for reading my blog... :-) This is my first travel blog would elaborate more on history of places and ideal time to visit and lot more in my coming blogs :-)



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