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April 9th 2012
Published: April 11th 2012
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Well happy easter readers! Hope you all had a good time :-) here there was not a chocolate egg in sight, far too hot. Besides the indians in Hampi were celebrating an entirely different festival; one which involved thousands of people milling about, throwing bananas and coconut milk around, supposedly in the direction of one of the temples.

The last couple of days I have been wondering between the ruins of this once-great Hindu city, and taking in the wonders that this festival involved, sweets and coloured pigments everywhere, decorated cows and floating platforms on the water. Besides that I have been taking in the fantastic landscape that encases the ruined city; huge boldor-filled vistas over a beautiful river. It reminds me of the pictures of some of the places in America, maybe arizona or something. Very interesting landscape. Extremely hot though! First thing in the morn and late afternoon are the only times ok for being out walking in it. Got up at 5 this morning and did a hike out and up this (quite small) mountain to a temple at the top, and watched the sunrise from there. Beautiful. Really incredible.

The bad news is...think I have lost irrevicably a load of my photos!! Tried to get them all up on facebook the other week but didnt have time to upload them all. The ones that were NOT uploaded, as well as those that were, are now missing from the camera and so I presume they are lost somewhere on the computer I was using at the time. I'm not fussed about some of the photos but I will miss my Taj Mahal ones!! I might be able to get them back...If I manage to meet up with Natalie in Kerela! Oh well. will have to see how we go. Have met a British girl, Louisa, here in Hampi and we are moving on back towards the coast, to Karnataka together probably tomorrow night, probs re-update the blog there!


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