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July 17th 2006
Published: July 17th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY very tiring. I can tell you. I've been three days here in Leh I think and I'm still puffed out when I walk to the top of the lane leaving my guesthouse.

The past couple of days have seen me laying low and aclimatising. Trying to get all my stuff sorted. I spent yesterday feeling pretty rotten in bed. At the time I was convinced I had malaria. Funny how all the symptoms of the minor stuff, dehydration, diarhea are also the symptoms of malaria! Finally made it out of bed to a tibetan doctor who didn't think I had malaria and gave me the worst tasting dung pellets of pills I have ever had in my life. Yeuch.

I was speaking to a lady who has spent eight years in India today about working and she seemed to think that If I settle somewhere for a couple of months I could definitely pick up some really good work from travellers, at least enough for my weekly expenses. Cool. I'm going to have another couple of weeks chilling and then get seriously started on that!

Money is beginning to prove to be a problem. I had presumed in my innocence and naivety that I would be able to use the ATMs and had therefore only brought a little bit in travellers cheques and english money. MISTAKE. The ATMS don't work more than they do. I'm out of cash now and will probably be stuck in Leh until the ATM works! Love this crazy place.

Off to the Nubra valley tomorrow to make friends with some bactrian camels. Got to go over the highest pass in the world - 5000+ metres in an indian bus. EVERYBODY KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! We've got the back seats and everything (the worst seats in the house). This time tomorrow I will be thoroughly shaken up.


17th July 2006

Bus rides from hell...
Oh my Katie - you are a brave girl indeed. I am reading through your journals with delight. Delight at your bravery and delight that India has never 'called' me!! Keep well my friend, you are in my thoughts often. Much love x

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