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February 20th 2013
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I’m sitting in my office waiting for a meeting to finish downstairs before I leave. I’m waiting for two reasons:

1. Because most of the rest of the staff are in it and if I stick around to the end it will show camaraderie and win me some brownie points (especially since some of the Delhi staff are in there – I’m such a manipulative twat at times!). I don’t need to attend the whole meeting since it’s about education, not child protection.

<em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">But more significantly...

2. Because Rahim and I are going to get the beers in tonight. Yey!

So, the Delhi staff are here because we’re doing a three day roll-out of the new education project which is starting here in April. Representatives from all the local partner organisations are here too, and the purpose of the next few days is to work out how we’re going to implement the project, budgets, reporting procedures etc. etc. I popped in to introduce myself to the staff from Delhi before the meeting began an hour or so ago and was told by one of them that I am ‘the talk of the Delhi office’ and that they are ‘working out how to get me a job there.’ Didn’t see that one coming but it sure felt good to hear it!

Anyway, more importantly than all of the above, GAJENDRA FROM JAMMU IS IN TOWN!!! For some reason (gaydar out of practice?) I totally hadn’t clocked that he would be coming to Srinagar to represent his organisation for the roll-out of the education project, and probably didn’t do too great a job of hiding my surprise and glee when he crossed the office threshold this morning. Luckily, he seemed equally pleased to see me, so my elation did not seem too out of place. Anyway, the following all happened today and I will leave you to judge for yourself whether this is flirting or just friendliness:

1. He sat next to me during lunch in Hat-Trick (well, I did ask him to).

2. As we left Hat-Trick he put his arm around my shoulder as we chatted on the way back to the office (this was all his own doing).

3. He asked me where I was staying and jokingly said that he would come and stay at my hotel tonight (a joke, but was he testing the water???).

4. He told me he was married then revealed a few seconds later that he was not (testing my reaction? I told him in return that I would <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">never get married; difficult to read his reaction).

5. When I took off my jumper at the end of the day leaving me with only a t-shirt on my upper body he commented that I looked muscley and asked me if I could show him how to work out (I mean, come on!!!).

6. We exchanged phone numbers/email addresses at the end of the day (but not bodily fluids, sadly).

Now, the thing is that if we were in G-A-Y I would have no trouble at all deciphering the above signals and, if truth be told, the old me would probably have ended up in bed with him within the hour. But we’re not in G-A-Y, we’re in Infant Help International Jammu & Kashmir...what the fuck does it all mean???? To make a move or not to make a move, that is the question!

Therefore, I will monitor the events of the next two days and we’ll see how things go. There’s just something so unexpectedly alluring about this guy, that still-waters-run-deep-silently-strength quality that gets me every time. Could there really be a chance of some last minute Indian action before I leave this place..?


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