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October 31st 2013
Published: October 31st 2013
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Today a little techie stuff.

We're using this great solar panel for charging our camera batteries, light torches, mobile phone of the horseman, etc... My solar panel charges a box with special batteries, and I can use it to charge anything with USB, 12V and even 220V! This piece of equipment worked perfectly for the whole trip, unlike my hard disks...

In Ladakh there is a lot of sun. So, a lot of households, even in small remote villages, have a solar panel too. They use them to have a bit of light in the evening. We also came across several Solar Power Plants, where there is a battery of solar panels to power the village at night.

For the rest today was a very small day. After about an hour of walking our horsemen wanted to stop for camping, using an excuse of no other possibilities of camping until much further or only very bad campsites. After imposing our will to go on, we finally walked for another 2-3 hours, this to end up on a dump of a camping. In fact it was closed and not maintained. But because our horsemen where faster than us they had already set up camp. We later found out that an hour walk after that dump there was a perfect and very nice campsite.... So although Shashi cooks good food and that Kumar is very gentle, Shashi is doing a bit what he wants, he's more stubborn than his mules! We also found out later that the reason he wanted to stay in the first camping, was that his best friend was the horseman of a group who was going to camp there...

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