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July 31st 2009
Published: July 31st 2009
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My friend called me and asked me to be in Goa on June 18th. I knew it was off season but I still agreed and set off with my wife, niece and son on night of 17th in non ac sleeper bus. The ride was good although it took a little long than usual. Being off season I had not made any reservation so, we went straight to Calangute beach to check hotels. we settled for Hotel Silla Goa (which is a poor three star hotel) for a bargain price of Rs 4500 for three nights with breakfast.

The Calangute is frequented by many Indians so it was not not deserted. The whether was fine with some rain in the air. All the beack Shacks were closed. I came to know that they have to close them down on 31st May and reconstruct them after rainy season is over. There was no point in visiting my favorite Candolim beach.

My friend arrived at around mid night in a group of about 15 all families and friends. Next day we went to Calangute beach again. The sand and .5 mile journey was a little too much for some people in the group who could put an elephant to shame with their weight. They headed back to hotel and I was left with my friend and his uncle. We had beer and food at a shack which is open 12 months as it is little away from the beach and may be built on a private property. The food was as bad as it could get.

We got back to hotel had some rest and then there was a round of whiskey till 11:00 PM.

Next day we hired taxi's and went to old Church and Dona Paulo. They all had fun with water bikes in stale water that was not clean. we went for a cruise in the evening that was fun with drinks.

Earlier on day two my son had met with a minor accident. He tripped with a glass or water in hand and got a nasty cut. I took him to a doctor and he was fine after five stitches and three injections. I felt bad about it. He is still carrying scars on third finger of his left hand. He is such a spirit that he was smiling within 5 minutes of stitches and still went to the beach and headed straight for water. I bought a plastic glove to protect his hand which served only half the purpose. My niece was also having a great time although both of them did not venture too deep into the water. The beach was full of life guards waring about high tide on public address system.

On final day after checking out (my friend and co. left for airport) we decided to hit Bagha beach and that was were we had most fun. It was full of activity and very scenic as bagha river meets the ocean. We had decided to stay away from water but jumped into it anyway. My niece collected empty sea shells and we helped her. She was all excited all though we did not find anything significant.

In the evening we headed to Mapusa to catch our bus back to Mumbai. My niece went down with fever and did not look too well. My Son also showed signs of not being well. My wife was already surviving on medicines. We passed the journey somehow giving them cough and fever medicine. After coming back I took them to Doctor and fell sick on my way back to home.

It is not fun as water is dangerous and half the places are closed but I still enjoyed our stay in Goa. Somehow it was hard not too with all the beer and alcohol around!!!


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