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April 21st 2006
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It has been ages since we last wrote, i could say that it was becasue we have been so busy we haven't had time to think. But the truth of the matter is that we have done very little other than lie about on varioyus beaches in Goa and the thought of computer related activities was unpleasant but here we are...

We spent 24 hours on a floating palace on the backwaters of Kerala, floating along like indian princesses being waited on hand and foot.
Our day began at 10am when we boarded the boat, all day we languished watching life go by on the banks. Women washe their clothes, beating them on the steps, whilst children splashed about and men climbed coconut plams to collect toddy. Every so often the boat pulled into the bank whilst lunch and dinner was served, a feast of fish, chicken and vegetables curries.

The palace was huge, 2 bedrooms ensuite of course, large dining area and soft seating in the 'lobby'. So many seating options we did our best to make use of all! The evening was spent lieing on the front of the boat looking at stars whilst gently bobbimg on the water.

At 10am the next morning after breakfast and a cruise our illusion was shattered, as our bags were stuffed into an auto rickshaw and taken to the bus station. Back with the commoners we squeezed ourselves and our backpacks onto two seats


21st April 2006

lucky ladies
the day on the river sounds like paradise. what an experience. one to remember forever. and to tell the grandkids! glad you are having a lovely time. not long now to your return enjoy the freedom love to you both mum trivs
21st April 2006

Beach babes-or bums???
Great to read another entry after a long spell of incommunicado! However, it looks as if we didn't get the whole message-it seemed to come to an abrupt ending-in a rickshaw with the commoners! Was there more or did you run out of steam? That aside, the idea of the two of you being treated like Indian princesses on a floating palace conjures up a pretty amazing picture. I had one of my amazing dreams last night-dad and I, together with EJs mum and dad came to visit you in India-for two days! You didn't quite look like princesses in the dream though-more like the hippies of yesteryear! I was qiute scared and relieved to wake up! Enjoy the rest of your chill-out. Time is running out. Looking forward to seeing you. Mum Ireland
24th April 2006

ladies....the imagery si something else, I think that I could do with some of it in the dissertation... languishing by side of tranquil waters, the new mother reaches for her bosom to feed her infant...(Anyone else reading this, i am doing my dissertation on breastfeeding!). I wll be i finished i 2 weeks, which is very scary, but as the last 4 years have flown by, i don't see why it'll slow down now! I went on a weekend with the Honduras gilrs this weekend, so was a nice break, although back in the library now.... Great to hear from you, love the stories. cannot wait to have them from you in person. Much love x
3rd May 2006

Too many bosoms!
I feel I am coming to this particular episode a little late - although Mum had told me about the idling boat trip. In view of Tina's weird dreams and Ellie's breast-feeding fantasies, I thought I should register that some men-folk are reading this as well, which is all proving disconcerting over lunch. Great to hear from you the other day and I will not wish the last few days to pass in a blurr since I would encourage you to squeeze every last drop of experience from it, even if your culture flasks are full to bursting. Enjoy it to the last and if we get a couple more Blogg editions so much to the good - otherwise, just enjoy and we'll see you at Heathrow - I just hope we recognise you! Love Dad
5th May 2006

sorry what?
Bosoms? Fantasies? Sorry what? Howdoo you pair of whameads on tour? I hope you're enjoying your final week or so of India, relaxing and (as dad does not fail to stress) soaking up all of the culture! I've sent you an email EJ, twould be grand of you to reply. I bet you're having a more exciting time than me... I'm sitting in the resources room at school doing my biology planning exercise.. it's all fun and games! Exam leave starts next Friday and first proper exam is the next monday, so It'll be revision stations when you arrive home. Might have to sit at heathrow and learn about The Aeneid.. perhaps not! Anyway, I'm rambling quite a bit now. Only just noticed it. Have a great week and I'll see you next saturday. BUNDLES of love, Boo x

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