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August 6th 2011
Published: August 6th 2011
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After a brief stopover in Bangkok, where we attempted to log back into the comforts of our western world (ie. facebook) we boarded the plane and the staring began. I could tell what they were thinking, as we were 2 of 3 white people on the plane. The very camp check-in guy in Sydney had already asked "why on earth are you going to Hyderabad!?" and i guess the same thing was on the minds of the 100 Indian people on out flight.

We knew why we were here, as ludicrous as it may seem to them... 2 women from Sydney to come to their city to work voluntarily in one of the 100's of Orphanages in Hyderabad.

We jumped into a taxi, with 2 men in the front and us 2 in the back. A little bit too tired to worry about how vulnerable we were and how much we just got ripped off, realising later it was only about 10 bucks.

Humidity, beeping of horns (even when there was no signs of other cars around), buildings incomplete, midnight street walkers and men riding scooters without helmets. It was 4am Sydney time by the time we got to the hotel and collapsed in our beds after a warm shower.

I sit on my bed this morning, feel like i have been hit by a truck. Heading out now.....to get lost in Hyderabad 😊 Jill x


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