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November 5th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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Smoggy CitySmoggy CitySmoggy City

Suspension bridges - crossing over from the airport into Hong Kong
We've got about two more days in Hong Kong before heading out for Thailand tomorrow evening. Our India trip plans got scrapped (boo) due to difficulty getting a visa. Once we got over that disappointment, we decided to change our tickets and head to Thailand a few weeks early. Now we have the liberation of knowing that we could venture into Malaysia, Vietnam, or Laos in that time - we're still not sure where the trip will take us!

Hong Kong has been overwhelming, efficient, vertical, smelly, and fun. We feel quite safe here and are mostly just shopping. Stories are plentiful, but for now the pictures will have to suffice.

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Chinese FoodChinese Food
Chinese Food

Yum yum yum! Almost nothing like the Chinese food you find in Kansas, much much fresher and tastier! My new favorite - roasted duck.
Hot teaHot tea
Hot tea

Served with every meal, whether you ask for it or not.

Used as natural scaffolding for building construction. We can't believe how high they trust it to go!
Electrical MayhemElectrical Mayhem
Electrical Mayhem

Inside a stairwell
Snack ShopsSnack Shops
Snack Shops

Most items are new to me - lots of dried seafoods, nuts, seeds, meats and sometimes herbal remidies
Ascetic BuddaAscetic Budda
Ascetic Budda

My favorite Budda from the Hong Kong Art Museum

Sanitation is a big deal here - lots of people walk around with surgical masks. This sign on the museum door cracked us all up. Look for Justin and I in the reflection!
Yes I ate it -Yes I ate it -
Yes I ate it -

and it wiggled all the way down
Hong Kong CityscapeHong Kong Cityscape
Hong Kong Cityscape

Smoggy but nice, I was surprisingly amused by this view
Packed StreetsPacked Streets
Packed Streets

This town is very space efficient, sometimes too cramped for comfort, but things get done here.
Flower MarketFlower Market
Flower Market

Fresh flower market that we walked through

Tons of beautiful varieties of orchids were hot items at the flower market
Bird MarketBird Market
Bird Market

Nearby the flower market - a bird market. Caught between pity for the caged birds and their novelty, we sauntered through.
Bird FoodBird Food
Bird Food

Live grasshoppers, worms and other insects for sale to feed the birds.
Roasted ChickensRoasted Chickens
Roasted Chickens

I swear one was looking at me the whole time I was taking this photo.
Dim SumDim Sum
Dim Sum

Yum yum yum again! This style of Chinese food is steamed in bamboo trays. Everything from wontons to vegetables to meat dishes. Served tapas style, so we could taste a little bit of everything.
Ladies MarketLadies Market
Ladies Market

Packed in the streets selling everything from handbags, watches, underwear, scarves, shirts, you name it. Crazy bustle, but the shopkeepers were very nice to help you find just the right thing.

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