Hong Kong: Champagne, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride & Laundry

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October 27th 2014
Published: October 27th 2014
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Birthday & AnniversaryBirthday & AnniversaryBirthday & Anniversary

Surprise from the hotel ;-)
Hong Kong: Champagne, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride & Laundry

Last night ended with a sweet surprise. When we were returning from Hors d’oeuvres up in the lounge, we noticed a Marriott server ringing our doorbell. Yes, we have a doorbell on our room ;-) He had a beautiful setting of desserts, fresh strawberries with chocolate dips and champagne with glasses. Cope told him he had the wrong room as we hadn’t ordered anything. The server just smiled and handed me a card that said “Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and your belated birthday. This lovely cart WAS for us! ;-) Marriott management had sent it up. NICE!

I guess we’re going to have leisurely mornings in Hong Kong as virtually nothing opens before 9:30 or 10 however; they stay open till 11 or midnight. Definitely not our style since we’re pretty much morning people, but we’ll adjust ;-) Off to breakfast.

Today we walked through Hong Kong Park and jumped on the Big Red Bus. The Red Line took us to Pier 7 where the Star Ferries go to Kowloon. We grabbed a Bacon and Tomato Wrap at Starbucks and changed
Breakfast Each MorningBreakfast Each MorningBreakfast Each Morning

One little section of breakfast ;-)
buses to the Green Line and headed out for a tour to the other side of the island to Stanley and Aberdeen for those of you following us on a map ;-)

The island of Hong Kong is tropical with lots of bamboo and trees. Just Like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, we whizzed (literally) along the roads and had to duck constantly as there were tree branches overhanging the road and we were on the top open section of the double decker bus. Aberdeen is a community of people who live in Sampans on the water. These residences are a hold over from 2 centuries ago. Slowly but surely their way of life is going away as the government gives them incentives to move to the land. Stanley Market is famous for touristy goods and fun restaurants and there is also Ocean Park which is like Magic Mountain but has a cable car spanning two sides of a mountain with half the park on one side and half on the other.

This trip was beautiful and only took about 2 hours of our day. We decided that we’d head back to the hotel and
Big BusBig BusBig Bus

Seeing the Sights
do some laundry and make it a short day. ;-)

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27th October 2014

American Food ??
Just love your blog and all the wonderful stories. You're making me crazy though with all the Starbucks, Subway, hamburgers and diet coke. Enough already ... sooner or later you've got to try some local food!! Nice touch by Marriott with the champagne and strawberries. Happy Anniversary :-)
27th October 2014

LOL Fast Food
Hey Connie... good to hear from you. Although the Chinese find "our" fast food to be the quickest when needing to catch a ferry or jump on a tour bus...fortunately or unfortunately we do too ;-) However, I'd say for every American quick stop we've had we have eaten local 95% of the time. Lot's of good "mom and pop" restaurants. No worry on getting lots of good local food! ;-)

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