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January 20th 2006
Published: January 31st 2006
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The scissors peakThe scissors peakThe scissors peak

This rocks is said to look like many different things depending on the angle at which you view it. Here it is being some scissors..
Yay, finally we have found a computer with a cd drive! This means I haver been able to add some more photos to my last few entries..

Yandang Shan - 15th Jan 2006

We chose Yandang Shan as our next stop on the way up to Shanghai. Yangdang Shan is a mountainous area ideal for hiking and getting away from the noisy polluted Chinese cities. It's not an especially popular place for tourists, although in the summer a fair number of Chinese visit the area. We really felt we were getting "off the beaten" track, not least because we are now travelling in the middle of winter! But there was also a remoteness to the place that felt peaceful and not too well trodden.

The small town doesn't have much in the weay of amenities and no one spoke a word of English but luckily Will's Chinese is now good enough to get us a nice room and a tasty steaming bowl of noodle soup! For my part I can say hello and thank you and can just about manage to buy a can of coke and some chocolate from the local shop without causing a scene so I guess we all have our uses 😉

We spent 2 days exploring the area and trekking in the mountains. There were quite a few sights to visit and we tracked down a few waterfalls saw some dramatic cliffs. Along the way the Chinese signs keenly point out particular aspects of the scenery, especially parts of rocks which resemble animals or people (some of which are much more obvious than others). many of these have excellent names such as "young boy hunting a lion" or "mother nursing a child" but my favourite is "the old monkey stealing peaches!" Sometimes the english translations are understandable and sometimes they are pretty bizarre.

It's been a little bit cold and a little bit drizzly but mostly it's just been great to get out in the real fresh air and away from practically every other living soul. Plus it helps that the surroundings are so beautiful. Yandang Shan is yet another wonderful place in China that we're reluctant to leave although I'm not denying it would be nice to be able to get a pizza!

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Dragon falls Dragon falls
Dragon falls

This is just a fraction, the full height is over 190 meters!
The suspension bridge we need to crossThe suspension bridge we need to cross
The suspension bridge we need to cross

..not too bad from a distance but a bit scarier as you walk across and the boards bend and creak under your foot!
The bottom of middle fallsThe bottom of middle falls
The bottom of middle falls

This is the best waterfall we saw, the bottom of middle falls was just beautiful

28th March 2007

Wild Goose Lake and Yandang Shan
I traveled here as well during my stay in Shanghai. I went up to Wild Goose Lake...it was a nice hike up. I am trying to retrace my hiking path on google maps or yahoo.
5th April 2008

Wonderful Pictures!
Thanks for posting all these pictures and information. I was looking for info on Yandang Shan. This blog is amazing!

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