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April 6th 2009
Published: April 6th 2009
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Chiang Kai-shek's Summer Vacation ResortChiang Kai-shek's Summer Vacation ResortChiang Kai-shek's Summer Vacation Resort

This resort is located in Fenghua city. Chiang Kai-shek and his wife often spent summer times here.
Yvonne and I visited suppliers in Ningbo and Suzhou in Sept. 2008. Our schedule was very tight, but we still manged to have a sightseeing to the symbolic resorts in Ningbo and Suzhou.
The first stop was Ningbo. This city has not many famous sights but it is well-known by being the hometwon of Chiang Kai-shek. To be more specific, the Fenghua city in Ningbo is Chiang kai-shek's hometown.
The seond stop is Suzhou, world-wide famous for its wonderful classical gardents inlcuding Humble Administrator's Garden, the Surging Wave Pavilion, the Lion Grove Garden etc. What a pity we only had half a day for sightseeing, and of course, we decided to visit the best one: the Administrator's Garden.

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Miao Gao TaiMiao Gao Tai
Miao Gao Tai

This is the house Chiang Kai-shek lived. The words Miao Gao Tai on the white stele behind me was written by Mr. Chiang.
The Thousand Zhang CliffThe Thousand Zhang Cliff
The Thousand Zhang Cliff

One Zhang = One Feet, so thousabd zhang describe the extreme height of the waterfall.
The Humble Administrator's Garden The Humble Administrator's Garden
The Humble Administrator's Garden

The most famous classical garden in Suzhou.
Long Corridor Long Corridor
Long Corridor

You can see such a corridor everywhere in the Humble Adminstrator's Garden - typical but indispensable.
Lion Grove Garden 狮子林Lion Grove Garden 狮子林
Lion Grove Garden 狮子林

This garden is 10 minutes away from the Humble Adminstrator's Garden by walk. What's so special? The stones! Hundreds of stones, all different shapes, stand in the garden, and this park is build not on the ground, but in the air!
Guanqian StreetGuanqian Street
Guanqian Street

All passengers to Suzhou will go shopping in Guanqian Street. You can buy all kinds of tradtional Suzhou goods here.

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