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January 29th 2010
Published: January 31st 2010
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1: Draw-bridge 77 secs

On my final days in Shaoxing area I just explored couple of places and took a ride on one of the many double decker buses- nothing exciting, but my first since the 1970’s.

I also visited the statue dedicated to Da Yu. He was the guy who thousands of years ago tamed the swamps, rivers and floods. The sticky fertile soil was good for agriculture but hard to plough. He built canals and build up soil from the swamps, which lead to this areas development. There is a’plough and paddle’ monument to him in the city also.

The last area I found was a huge gate with a fake Draw-bridge over one of the canals. It leads into an old area which is about to be redeveloped into a new tourist area. It was interesting to see some of the older houses while they were still there.

So, time to leave, and while Shangyu was not as interesting as Shaoxing,the people there were good. It is still very cold here, so it will be good to get down to Vietnam and Laos for a quick warm holiday.

Additional photos below
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Da Yu statueDa Yu statue
Da Yu statue

on top of hill
DaYu statueDaYu statue
DaYu statue

he tammed the floods and swamps to create fertile land and water ways
DaYu statueDaYu statue
DaYu statue

huge statue. Note girl in red coat below
DaYu monumentDaYu monument
DaYu monument

plough and paaddle representing building up land and making boat canals from swamp land
Da Yu areaDa Yu area
Da Yu area

rock animals
Da Yu areaDa Yu area
Da Yu area

pine trees
chicken coop on streetchicken coop on street
chicken coop on street

barricade made of its and pieces

8th April 2010

i am coming~~
long time no c~~~~' i am still staying in shaoxing these time always rainning how is your travell now?? tell me your travel story by e-mail

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