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October 21st 2007
Published: October 23rd 2007
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Rooftops of Lijiang (丽江)Rooftops of Lijiang (丽江)Rooftops of Lijiang (丽江)

Old Town Lijiang is over 800 years old. It's been beautifully restored.
In Lijiang, Yunnan Province today!

I left Dali today, hoping I could catch a dry day in Lijiang. It's supposed to rain in Lijiang for the rest of the week as well. The rain is miserable! I got some clothes laundered in Dali, and I went to pick them up this morning.... and you've guessed it! They lost my jeans and shirt. Considering I only have two pairs of pants and three long sleeved tshirts, I was pretty annoyed. Grrr... I'll go back to Dali at the end of the week and maybe they'll find them. Stuff like this happens, but I'm just bummed since I only have one pair of pants and if they get wet I'm stuck with soggy pants. Yuk.

So Lijiang is quite nice. Very touristy, but the Old Town is completely charming. I love the cobblestone streets, canals, and tile roofs. I walked up to the highest point to see all the roof tops - the town charges Y95 to enter the viewing area, but I paid Y2 to walk upstairs at someone's house to take a look. It's a bit overcast, but I'm so happy it's not raining. I had all kinds of
Old LijiangOld LijiangOld Lijiang

Loved the laterns and canals.
Yunnan and Naxi snacks as I walked around too.

At night, the laterns all light up and glow against the canal waterways. Quite romantic. I loved it. I had some soup noodles for dinner and walked around again, enjoying the evening views. I wrote out my postcards in a cafe while enjoying a peppermint tea and apple dessert. I can't think of a better way to spend an evening... wish you were there. 😊

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Courtyards Courtyards

I liked the tile roofs and mosaics!
Street snacksStreet snacks
Street snacks

Tried a bunch of street snacks, including this steamed rice flour cake which I didn't like. I also had baba bread, corn, sweet potatos and tofu.
Across the Bridge Noodles (过桥米鲜)Across the Bridge Noodles (过桥米鲜)
Across the Bridge Noodles (过桥米鲜)

All these ingredients are dumped into a boiling broth that cooks the noodle soup all together. Fun! I think I like the experience more than the noodles itself...
Perfect RespitePerfect Respite
Perfect Respite

Peppermint tea and "apple pie". The apples are just finely diced with some cinnamon on the bottom near the crust. Must try to make it myself!

23rd October 2007

...more great photos!
23rd October 2007

The street food looks a little sketchy!
Great post - I love all the pictures!
23rd October 2007

sounds delightful!
27th December 2007

tks, I like your pictures/photos and info. greetings from holland happy 2008 I whant go to lijiang very soon.!! orhan

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