Mountain bike tour in Dali (aim to the TV antenna tower on Cangshan Mountain, a uphill and downhill mountain bike riding routine)

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June 13th 2013
Published: June 13th 2013
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Mountain bike tour in Dali (aim to the TV antenna tower on Cangshan Mountain, a uphill and downhill mountain bike riding routine)

Dali is located on a average elevation of 1976 meters; There is a road beside the famous scenic spot Three Pagodas Park(it is also called “santa” in dialect). by riding on this road you can make it possible to reach the top of Cangshan Mountain. We so called it the top of Cangshan mountain because there is a TV antenna tower or the Cangshan TV Relay Station (it has the elevation of 4092 meters), which is the highest point that people can be there safely. Unfortunately, the road cannot lead you up to the highest peak, but at least, it will lead you at the place on the elevation of 3200 meters. At the end of the road, the TV Relay Station was connected by a 1000 meters long cable. The use of the cable is for goods delivery. The length of the tour is about 2300 meters and it is going to be a 1200 meters vertical distance.

It technically is not the biggest challenging activity in Dali, but it really is a symbolic bicycle riding routine. If you said you have done a bicycle riding round the Erhai Lake but you have not done a Cangshan Mountain riding tour.
Ironically, it just like you haven't been to Great Wall or Tian'an Men when you were in Beijing.

Safety Tips:
a. The temperature in the high place is much lower than where you stay before you go. Even the summer day it is still very cold. Please do remember to bring warm clothes.
b. there are ups and downs during your tour, and it will make you exhausted if you don't have enough perseverance. Encourage yourself and cheer up by saying "it is only 23 kilometers, if I can't ride until the destination, I will walk there with my bicycle".
c. the road is uneven and there are lots troublesome little stones. Slow down when you go downhill. Please bring the tire repair tools in case of having a flat tire.




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