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November 8th 2008
Published: November 8th 2008
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Thurs - Fengdu Ghost City

We awoke on the boat this morning and our first excursion was to the infamous Ghost City, a combination of Buddist, Taosim and Confustion temples. There are so many stories and legends with this place I can’t get them all down here, but suffice it to say we got all the basis covered in one place for making sure you get to the right place in heaven. The temple go up the side of the cliff and as you climmb higher, you get see how each philosophy brings there common points together and stilll keep there separate beliefs strong. We had to pass a couple of tests to see if we were “good enough” to get to heaven which was an even higher temple. But the highest temple was representing hell. Took me a while to reconcile why hell would be higher than heaven, but the hell temple was built 1600 years ago and the others were built in the Ming Dynasty. At one Buddist temple you could choose a stone from a box and a fortune teller would interpret the signs on the stone and read your hand and tell you your fortune. Pretty weird that Ernest and I drew stones with the exact same designs on them.

Today I had my first acupuncture treatment for my sinus headaches and migraines. Time will only tell if it does any good but Ernest got a couple of freaky pictures of me with needles in my head.

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First TestFirst Test
First Test

bridges to cross on steps to heaven
Fortune TellerFortune Teller
Fortune Teller

Ernest and I had our fortune read in the Buddist Temple
Apt buildingApt building
Apt building

this is an Ernest picture
going through archgoing through arch
going through arch

women have to cross arch with right foot, men left foot; if you change feet you come back in next life as opposite sex
Crossing Bridge of WealthCrossing Bridge of Wealth
Crossing Bridge of Wealth

taking no chances so I'll try everything

8th November 2008

Did the needles work?
Well, Lamar will have much to say about the acupunture. I pictured the boat as this small Chinese Yacht (or maybe that's not the right word) -- got that completely wrong. It looks more like a Mississippi gambling boat. Anyhow, be curious to hear the Chinese perspective on the election. Here is is oddly peaceful and kinda joyous. I think everyone is proud to see that the color barrier could be broken in the highest office in the land. If nothing else, it is bound to have a positive impact on race relations in America. Plus, it's nice to have a President-elect who can speak the English language with some facility. We'll hope for the best.

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