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June 14th 2013
Published: June 14th 2013
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This finds me still in Urumqi, 4thday since arriving, fully recovered and rearing to go. Held up a little due to a lack of organisation, awww perhaps I’ll go for a little wander after the race, without delving more into the practicalities especially the language barrier. The people are no problem they are very tolerant even friendly, China would be one of the safest countries in the world to travel, man, woman or child, deepest depths of the night, its meaningful communication that’s the problem. One really needs to have the contacts lined up, whether that be private guides or other travel help, or in my case now that I have meaningful contact, getting them to pass me on down the line. I found Beijing and Shanghai easy enough to get around as English was a sub title, but out here it’s a, to be unearthed gold nugget.

Urumqi is a bustling, energetic city of about 2.5 million people, down town like any other Chinese city running on electrical gear and fashion. The girls are all very chic, man bags are in for the boys, SUVs are the same with even less room to move and as I mentioned, the people are tolerant and friendly, just the odd immaculately raised eye brow at the gangling, greying, hairy legged beanpole walking around.

I’ve joined the many 1000’s of oldies doing their morning constitutionals, walking, banging heads on trees, Tai Chi, singing, dancing, sword play, walking backwards, theres something for everyone and I’m almost comfortable doing a few push ups and burpees. Found a great street market one morning, a great relaxed bustle, again part of a lot of the oldies morning ritual. As I was taking photos was getting the curious look from a little school girl, try a smile Bo, Ka Pow, infinitely rewarded. Continuing round the low rise apartment suburb, all the immaculately turned out little kids are being dropped off at school by Mum or Dad. One thing that was very noticeable is a lot of the little emperors are taking on a distinctly not so Chinese shape, round and tubby.

Could almost be called the sugar revolution, its no wonder they wanted the 16,000 ha of the Ord Valley development NW Australia and the next 16,000 ha when they come on stream, sugar cane.

I found a great little park and took lots of great photos, most of which I had to delete, as bumble fingers had upset the settings during a quick draw. The very expensive new compact is very sensitive to the touch, how many re shoots is it going to take before a quick check of the settings becomes automatic, every time.

Speaking of rituals, the comfort of my little habits has taken all of a few days to develop. Early morning constitutional, breakfast. Hit the streets, brunch. A little snooze, lunch. Visit to supermarket and bakery, afternoon tea, followed by dinner and a bowl of noodles round 10pm if still up !

A couple of parties have got back to me, so today, Friday 14, Happy Birthday Sene, will be looking at some expanded travel options and I’d better make an effort to at least visit the Museum.

See you again soon from.........?? Bo-should-be-on-the-go

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15th June 2013
morning Tai Chi

on mass
Whether it be leading the way in Technology or Tai chi...they have it and perform so well always on mass ... we are just catching up, grasping the concept, the modern term FLASH or Mob Dancing for instance. Ancient traditions Modernised. How do you think they feel? China holds so many secrets ...Thank you for sharing your thoughts and travels with us all. Looking forward to where he pops up next.Keep safe.

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