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November 15th 2007
Published: November 16th 2007
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Back in Shanghai - still in one piece. 😊 I was starting to miss Shanghai! I am happy to not be sleeping at a hotel tonight, nor trying to figure out where to eat, where to go, or when to get to the bus stop or airport. I had such a good trip the past 6 weeks. I am thankful that everything went smoothly and I did and saw almost everything I wanted to! A few more days in Shanghai and then I head home. I'm so close to going home, just one more plane ride away!

I loved my visit with J to Thailand and Cambodia. J was a fun travel buddy too. We laughed, ate, and sweat a lot together. 😊 We did a lot of sightseeing, but we went at a relaxing pace and were able to just roam and explore and take it in. I am so glad that our timing worked out so well to travel together. I can't believe we did it!

I had a lot of mail waiting for me in Shanghai, including two slips from the post office. I received two packages while I was away. One from my friend CL and one from myself (I sent from Yunnan some things I bought and my beloved LP book that I didn't want to carry around Thailand). I get to the postcard and they told me that both packages have been "returned to sender"! But I was the sender of my own package! They told me that my Yunnan package got sent back to the post office in Dali. Oh fabulous. I was totally annoyed. Apparently, the post office only keeps domestic packages for 14 days; today was the 16th day. Darn it. I was pretty sad and the postman told me that it was pretty hopeless to try to get my stuff back, considering I'm leaving in three days. 😞 Boo hoo. Totally bummed. So despaired. I walked back and bought myself some chestnuts and a gingerbread latte (they don't have pumpkin here). I felt 80% better after finishing my holiday in a cup (aka latte).


16th November 2007

sorry to hear about your book. you don't need it anymore. :)
16th November 2007

so sad about your package!
20th November 2007

aw nuts! oh well. it will probably sit in the oakland post office for a few weeks while i'm away!

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