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June 14th 2015
Published: June 14th 2015
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Being here for one year, you make amazing friends for life. And here are just some of the memories and friends that you have made out here;

So here is brunch at Mr. Pancake with Matt (the guy now teaching your students) and Raquelle.

I know that these two will definitely miss you!

Visiting Lauren in Suzhou has become commonplace in your routine, and I'm sure you both will miss those adventures.

Paula and Victoria had a great time with you over the year!!! Especially working with you at JQ!

I know that this little lady will certainly miss you!!! I bet she will always call out for you!!!

Becky will certainly miss you!

Although this should be in the "last Night at Perry's" post, this is just a great show of friends you have made this year around Shanghai.

J'adore will definitely miss your smile all the time. I fully expect to hear "Where's Katie?" all the time!!

I think that this was when you had completed the ice bucket challenge on the bund!

Sunny times at the bund!

I remember this like it was yesterday! We were walking around the area when we were still living in the hotel, when we spotted the ladies dancing and we decided to join in! It was one of the first few nights we were in China and it was a great way to start our year together!!

Going together to go and buy phones!!!

Out adventuring with Lauren!!

Out for one of the many walks you have taken here in China!

Ahhhh Aminah! We didn't have too long with you before you moved, but we loved it all!

Lauren's last day before leaving for Suzhou.

Our first message in our new place!!! :D

Team building at Mr. X

Going to buy phones and we spot this awesome dinosaur statue

The big disney run!

Posing with Mickey and Cody!

Everyone at the run

Heroes of disney

The talk by the lovely doctor about conservation.

When Dana came to visit and you went to Hong Kong together!!!

Being a Disney Voluntear

Dinsey Voluntears with that awesome fast-growing mint plant!

When Anthony came to visit and you went to national office together. You guys are an awesome couple and we are happy to see you both so happy!!!

With Tete (finally knowing how to pronounce her name haha). As your Learning Partner, Tete is one of the few people you spend a LOT of time with, and I know that she will always miss you!

When Siphe came to visit back from Guangzhou, and Jay back!!!

Laser tag with Vaughn!!

Club times when we first arrived

The awesome glass that you guys took when you visited Suzhou.

Ahhhh Victoria!! She will definitely miss you a lot, and she will be happy to visit you soon in California!!!

Facilitating training at work (you are so good at it, you are doing it back home)

One of our many nights Perry's

Out to eat on one of our anniversaries.


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