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April 17th 2006
Published: April 19th 2010
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It's the 2nd year I worked in company.
And it's the season of Spring, with trees turing green, and gentle breeze in the air.
Considering the company was not so busy at this time of the year, management decided it's the right time for us to relax and enjoy some leisure time.
All the people were excited and chattering about where to go, and when to go.
And after several days discussion and back and forth,
we all think, our great Moutain Tai worth the going.

here's some background homework about Moutain Tai:

Mount Tai (Chinese: 泰山; pinyin: Tài Shān) is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of the city of Tai'an, in Shandong Province, China. The tallest peak is Jade Emperor Peak (simplified Chinese: 玉皇顶; traditional Chinese: 玉皇頂; pinyin: Yùhuáng Dīng), which is commonly reported as 1545 metres (5069 ft) tall, but is described by the Chinese government as 1532.7 metres (5028.5 ft).
Mount Tai is one of the "Five Sacred Mountains". It is associated with sunrise, birth, and renewal, and is often regarded the foremost of the five. The temples on its slopes have been a destination for pilgrims for 3,000 years.
for more information, please check at

OK, let's go back to my story,
As a history place, every Chinese know it's a big place and we were all happy to have a trip like that.
All though the whole travelling group was about 20-30 people,
but most of the people are in middle age or elder age, so our young people were naturally formed into a small group of 4.
Me, my cousin, office assitant Wang, and shipping assitant Qin,

When we were in the root of the Moutain Tai,
all of us were exhilarated that none of us would like to going up by ropeway.
And with the heart of trying to beat one another, we 4 were very quick in our moves.
Which turned out to be very unwise later.

On the way up, there's a lot of small stores for souvenirs, foods, water, even walking sticks😊
We were too busy to look around for these.
Just keep walking, talking, laughing, and taking pictures all the way up.

Although Mountain Tai is the very high of Five Sacred Moutains, actually 3rd highest, it's very steep.
It's very difficulty for people to step up for the next stair.
And the height of each stair is relative higher than what we used to in building as well.
Therefore, after about 20 minutes climbing, we were truly tired.
Advice for those that try to change this Mountain, be carefule with your steps and take it easy.

It takes about 1 hour and a half to reach to the peak.
We took some excellent pictures.
At one cliff edge, we also tried to lean to see the below, it's quite an excite.
Very heart-taking fear but still you can't resist the tempetation to exprenence it.
Then we did some exploring, went to some none visitors area.
We found some caves, some marking, and some beautiful places.
Here's more picture.

If you are going to visit there, I think it's better to take the ropeway, it's to halfway of the Mantain.
You can avoid be exhausted while still exprence the climbing fun in the next half, which is more challenging. First half hardly had any scenes.
And after all, it's only one way up and one way down, you can still pass these place when you going down.
But keep that in mind, going down is no easy job than climbing.
The calf will be will sore afterward.
And if you need any more information/assitant, please write to me.
I'm happy to be helpful

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