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June 28th 2011
Published: June 28th 2011
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Qingdao is a city in Shandong province, just across the Bohai Sea from us in Dalian. I have wanted to go there almost from Day One in China partly because it is the home of Tsingtao beer and partly because of its history. Not to be outdone by the British and French, Germany carved out a niche in China in the 1890s and in 1903 the brewery that become the Tsingtao Beer company was founded. Five in... Read Full Entry

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Market dayMarket day
Market day

Typical market scene on our walk back from the Beer factory.

This gal was selling her product as fast as she could make it. It was fun to watch her cutting the final result so people could eat it while they walked around.
Streets lined with treesStreets lined with trees
Streets lined with trees

We walked down many streets like this in Qingdao. Very restful compared to the rest of the city.
Beach Number 1Beach Number 1
Beach Number 1

Qingdao is famous for its beer, its old German architecture and its mile after mile of sandy beaches.
Taking a NapTaking a Nap
Taking a Nap

Anywhere is a good place to nap in China! This man is resting on a stone bench underneath a rocky overhang.
Playing in the StreamPlaying in the Stream
Playing in the Stream

Last year Dianne and two friends went with a driver to Laoshan. They stopped at this pretty stream and had fun in the water.
Tea PlantationsTea Plantations
Tea Plantations

Laoshan is famous for its spring water (used in Tsingtao Beer) and its tea plantations.
The lighthouseThe lighthouse
The lighthouse

Used to be the symbol of Qingdao on every bottle of beer they shipped.
Get a load of this!Get a load of this!
Get a load of this!

Gives new meaning to the concept of curbside recycling.
Typical houseTypical house
Typical house

in the old German quarter. Many of these dwellings date from the 1920s and 30s.
Another street sceneAnother street scene
Another street scene

You wanted to stay in this area it was so quiet and peaceful.
See no evil, speak no....See no evil, speak no....
See no evil, speak no....

We love taking photos of people. These girls were happy to have their picture taken but they were shy!
What stories could he tell us?What stories could he tell us?
What stories could he tell us?

This chap was sitting with his pipe near a set of stairs we came down. Just enjoying the day. He did have a big smile for us.

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