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August 22nd 2011
Published: August 23rd 2011
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The last day of school was Thursday but we decided to wait until Saturday to leave on our last Chinese adventure. Friday was spent doing the last minute packing and cleaning of the apartment before we left it for the final time. Because we had no food left, we managed several meals in our favourite haunts. Took lots of pictures. Autumn, one of our favourite drivers, took us on our last trip to the... Read Full Entry

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Warriors and support animalsWarriors and support animals
Warriors and support animals

Just a few of many.
Row upon rowRow upon row
Row upon row

The warriors line up four by four in what seems like endless columns. And there are more to be discovered.
No two alike?No two alike?
No two alike?

They say all the soldiers are unique. When you get up close you do see differences in each soldier.
Horticultural ExpoHorticultural Expo
Horticultural Expo

Shanghai may have had the big Expo but Xi'an had itw own, a huge horticultural expo. Dianne loved the pomegranate mascot. We were chatting with four young male students. One said "You must go to it!" Another said "No, it is boring". Luckily, we had a full schedule so we didn't have a choice.
New siteNew site
New site

This billboard highlights a new tomb several kilometers from the warriors site. It is the tomb of yet another emperor. The site is currently being developed for tourism and is several kilometers in each direction. Amazing sites.
The hills may not be aliveThe hills may not be alive
The hills may not be alive

The tomb is aligned with the mountain. It's too bad we won't get back to see the finished product.

This isn't something used in the warriors day. This wheelbarrow is being used in today's project.
The huddled massesThe huddled masses
The huddled masses

When we arrived back in town we discovered these folks camped out under the wall. Never did figure out why they were there.
Water parkWater park
Water park

They really seem to like these water parks in Xi'an. This park was just in the middle of town with nothing around it to say why it was there. Just a nice place to have lunch. There were lots of kids enjoying the spray and feeding the pigeons.
The Great MosqueThe Great Mosque
The Great Mosque

The mosque is much more Chinese than you would expect in a Muslim mosque. No domes or minarets. It dates from 742 which is just over 100 years from the death of the Prophet.
More MosqueMore Mosque
More Mosque

Another view of the mosque which is supposed to be the largest and best preserved in China.

Just to show there is some evidence of the Abrabic background to the mosque

Pretty old door. Note Chinese characters which are much more common in the mosque

Well preserved sample of how they got water in the old days.
Chef at workChef at work
Chef at work

This guy was preparing our lamb supper. He was pretty busy so we figuered his food must be good. Not sure exactly what he put in it though.

This was really good but also really messy.
The Bell TowerThe Bell Tower
The Bell Tower

Every city seems to have a bell tower (for morning) and a drum tower (for evening) . One sign told us the drums were beaten every two hours during the night so you knew what time it was. I don't think I would care. Aparently the emperor didn't either as they weren't beaten if he was in residence!
In line for the museum on the last dayIn line for the museum on the last day
In line for the museum on the last day

Did I mention it was raining? Or did I say pouring?
Prepared for anythingPrepared for anything
Prepared for anything

People seemed to take the rain in stride. This guy was well prepared. Our favourite, which we weren't ready to photograph, was a parent and child on a tandem bike with a tandem rain coat that covered both of them and they could both still see where they were going!

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