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September 2nd 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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So I just finished my second day of teaching at the first public school. All in all, it went very well. It is a little less structured when it comes to starting class on time, but I am learning to adapt to it. However, today I was watching the kids during their recess and found it somewhat entertaining. The boys like to play some game where they stand in a circle and clap their hands and then do some sort of hand gesture to each other until someone gets it wrong...or something. They also like to fight. Literally, fist punching in the face and in the gut, rolling around on the ground. And no one stops them. The little girls run around chasing each other. Either they're playing tag or they like to chase each other for no reason. Once recess is over, they all line up. Someone blows a whistle in the tune of left, left, left right left. It's really weird. Looking down from a window in a classroom, their tight formation puts a face on the communist structure that I sometimes look past as a temporary resident. I wanted so badly to take pictures, but I wasn't sure it'd be appropriate at that time. Taking pictures is sometimes weird because I'm not a tourist here. I live here. I will try to be better about it though. I know how pictures can explain so much more than I can. I'm off to teach my afternoon classes at a different public school! Zi jian!


2nd September 2010

Pictures are good, but hearing a first hand description is pretty awesome. Write a book or notes about it now while it's still new to you... Put your journalism skills into use! I bet pretty soon you'll get used to it all and not even notice. Anyway, thanks for the updates :-)
2nd September 2010

I am glad you still are enjoying yourself. Just remember the temporary part of the resident statement. I agree you should use good judgement as a teacher when photographing. Probably best to not take photos @ school without admininstrative authorization. It is not much different in schools here. These are not your children and their parents may not want them photographed. There is usually a time when administration will allow photography of students, but then you should do it more like a class photo for your teaching scrapbook. Common sense and considerations will keep you in the right, and you are great at both of them!

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