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February 12th 2007
Published: February 12th 2007
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Due to Chinese govt regulations, there is only so much i can write about our time in the Welfare centre, and i cant add photos...but if you want a more detailed review of it i can send you an email!

ICC (International China Concern) has been working with a state run orphanage for about a year now. There has been an enormous improvement in the quality of life of the children since they stepped in, but it still obviously not the nicest place for the kids to live in.
Since ICC have been in charge, the boys and girls have been separated (they all lived together in a tiny space) , the girls have had some apartments built for them in a different area of the welfare centre which are really nice, as a result the carers are looking after them better.
Mealtimes are much more civilised, it used to be survival of the fittest and so the smaller kids went hungry, alot of the kids are doing much better in themselves, after being abandoned many are still traumatised by their pasts but with the help of ICC's short term teams and
the Fantastic Fourthe Fantastic Fourthe Fantastic Four

Me, Laura, Mag and Rach
the amazing full time team, who by giving the kids love and attention, have seen the children have made enormous improvements.
Most of the kids are now fairly used to foreigners, and alot know that the sight of a western person means that they
will be given a load of attention and love through hugs and games.

I've been working with 6 of the little boys, and they are so brilliant! the boys area is still pretty grotty (especially the toilets) they have to share beds and there are rats running about...They spend most of the day in a small room and
when we go in in the mornings and afternoons we bring activites to do to attempt to entertain them, although to be honest, a couple of them to tend to eat anything we try to make!
I was great though and the main reason we we're there was to show Gods love to the children and also to their carers. and you can really tell that God is moving there in such a powerful way. As its still China, there are alot of things we cant do to show Gods love to but one thing we can definately do is pray for the children and change little things (like a few hugs) and big things (like putting a heating system in the orphanage) the boys i'm working with all have different dissabilities but all are great in their own way!

So myself and an australian lady called Marie (who is so fantastic!) go into that room of boys for 6 hours a day, this afternoon was the best day, we put one of those big parachutes around the room (it swamped everything) and made a kind of tent, then sat under it with the kids while they cut up paper (they love doing it and it will keep them occupied for hours!) we also play with bubbles, balloons, shakers and sing songs with them. Its fun for us as well as the kids!
I went on a short term team for 2 weeks and its made up of 20 people from all over (but mainly australia) and i've so enjoyed meeting them all and hanging out with them, i was in a room with 2 australian girls my a couple of years older than me and its been so much fun! I'm learning something from everyone on the team and i'm so going to miss them when we leave!

I've been learning so much about Gods love, that he cares so much for every single person,
and he reminds me of it whenever i think of these abandoned children as a group, rather than individuals.
God is transforming this welfare centre from a really dark hopless place and is showing his power and love in incredible ways.
He gives me strength when i cant deal with wiping yet another snotty nose, and when i see a rat, and when your heart breaks for the kids, i know that i could never do it with my own strength! He truly is the Everlasting God!

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