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June 30th 2011
Published: November 4th 2011
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Now its time to talk about a school where i spent two years teaching at.. Of course it is in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China. The school itself is located in the suburbs of Wuhan in Jiangxia district, in a smaller area called Miaoshan. I taught grades 3 through to grade 5, which was an experience unto itself. I found the students eager and energetic. Always had a smile on their face every time I saw them. Over time i began to connect with them, a bond more like a parent does with their children. I could see the potential of each student I taught. The school itself housed both the primary school and the junior middle school. I myself, taught on the primary side of the school, for both years that I was there. The teachers i had a honor of knowing over that time, a real delight to know. I consider the staff there among my closest and dearest friends. The students part of my own family. An extended family. a family of over 500. A family of eager young minds absorbing the English language, as I absorb the Chinese language and improve myself. Admittedly, there were some bad times, but what place in the world can offer a good time all the time.
Although, I am no longer there at this school, I do know the students will have a bright future ahead of them, because of the hard working teachers encouraging and engaging them not only inside the classroom, but outside. Not only teaching them the knowledge that will help them succeed in the classroom setting and in the business world, but also how to succeed in life in general. The general interpersonal skills that is required in life. With the hard-working dedication along with a sense of fun brought to each class by the teachers. I know the students as with the teachers will have long lasting fond memories of these precious years of their lives. In conclusion, if any of the teachers are actually reading this you guys are the best. Dedicated, hard-working fun loving people, and among the best i have ever had the privilege of working along side.

Endings are never easy, we build them up in our head so much and they never could live up to the expectations and when they actually happen we end up disappointed. We are never sure why it matters to us so much how things end at certain points and places. I personally guess we all want to believe what we do is really important, that people hang onto our every word, that they care what we think. The truth is you should consider yourself lucky if sometime occasionally somewhere make an impact on someones life, making it a little better. After that its all about the people you let into your life. And as my mind drifted to the faces that i seen here before, I was taken to the memories of family, of coworkers, of lost loves, even those who have left us. As i rounded that last corner, they all came at me in a wave of shared experiences. Even though it felt warm and safe being there, I knew it had to end. Its never good to live in the past too long, as for the future my friends, thanks to my friends it didnt feel so scary anymore, It could be whatever i wanted it to be. The future my friends can be whatever you wanted it to be also, it is yours to make and to hold.

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