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May 15th 2010
Published: May 18th 2010
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The Hong Kong/Macau blog entry was a couple of weeks old because we have been so busy. It seems that the social life here never stops! In the last couple of weeks we have had our first Chinese wedding, a birthday dinner, a karaoke party and a couple of days ago, we hosted a breakfast for 25 people to watch Pat's live streaming show from Kelowna on the internet. Seven o'clock in the evening in BC, 10 in the morning in China.

Anyway, back to the wedding. Vivian, one of the secretaries at the school, tied the knot last Sunday and invited all of us to the wedding. A group of us took her up on her invitation...we decided it was an event we didn't want to miss. I mean how many times does one get to attend a wedding in the middle of China....It was one of three wedding ceremonies she had, one of the others the same morning of the one we attended. And we thought one ceremony in Canada was a big deal. Not only were there three ceremonies but they were all different!

We attended Sunday evening at 5:30 pm. It took place at a large restaurant where at least two other weddings were occurring at the same time, all with sit down feasts for hundreds of guests. There were easily 150 at our gathering and the others were at least as big. And feast it was! After the ceremony, there was dish after dish served to all the tables, each more delicious and elegant than the one before. As we expected, there were lots of seafood dishes with a few frog dishes thrown in for good measure.

The wedding ceremony itself was lots of fun to watch and the music was great. As Vivian stood at the front, her husband-to-be was escorted down the “aisle” in a make-believe hot-air balloon, surrounded by multicolored balloons. Friends lining the pathway sent streamers flying into the air as he walked past. There were bubble machines, fog machines, spotlights, was quite the production and a lot of fun to be part of. And every second recorded on video for the future. Everybody was given a “clapper” and these were used pretty constantly over the course of the evening! Lots of free packs of cigarettes were handed out at each table along with take-away containers of chocolate “party favours”.

I'll let the pics speak for the rest...

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looking so impressed that I am taking her pic!
The main speakerThe main speaker
The main speaker

We had no idea what he was saying but he said a lot!
Bird carvingBird carving
Bird carving

We were all impressed with this little carved decoration.

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