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January 2nd 2010
Published: January 3rd 2010
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New Years PicNew Years PicNew Years Pic

No, they are not street food. Nancy, Janice and Shannon are ready for New Years!
Whether it is lunchtime, dinner hour or 2 in the morning after a night out at the clubs, you can't beat the street food around here. There are always places to choose from during the day but at night, the number of street vendors explodes wth a variety of food and other items along every sidewalk. And everything is delicious!

Although these "meals on wheels" can be found everywhere in the city, there are also several well-known "food streets" where a large number of them congregate. A lot of these areas are found near the numerous universities that dot the city landscape. Mainly because the food is unbelievably cheap, most stuff sells for under 5 kwai or less than a buck, including the beer.

Some of the staples are roasted yams, chestnuts, pineapple, flat breads and a huge variety of barbequed meats, fish and vegetables. Every vendor has its own recipe and style but the main underlying theme in this city is HOT and SPICY! Of course, there is always beer and other drinks to wash it down wth. The BBQs and barrel ovens are portable, either wheeled along on a cart or carried on the backs of bicycles and scooters to the next set up area. It is amazing to see how ingeneous some are with their portable "kitchens". Many vendors appear in the same spots every night, others are more nomadic and come and go from one day to the next.

I have had people write me that are moving here or traveling here who have been told not to eat the food or drink the water. One guy was going to bring enough packaged food to last his time vacationing here. Uh..no..you are not backpacking in the jungle. You can eat the food on the streets and in the restaurants! None of it will hurt you. Of course, your stomach may take a while to get used to the peppers but that is another story. The only place I have ever had a case of food poisoning by eating street food was in Victoria, Canada.

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Sweet potatos or yams?Sweet potatos or yams?
Sweet potatos or yams?

Whatever they are, they sell them piping hot all over the city.
Flat breadsFlat breads
Flat breads

There is a huge variety of fried flat breads available wherever you go.
BBQ closeupBBQ closeup
BBQ closeup

This chicken was delicious. 3 skewers for 5 kwai, less than a buck.
Banana breadBanana bread
Banana bread

Baked in banana shaped molds.
Close up of breadClose up of bread
Close up of bread

This booth had a modern scale. Some have old hand-held balances with metal sliders.

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