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March 8th 2009
Published: March 8th 2009
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Just a quick note to friends and family. Yes, we are still alive and well. We have not had internet in our apartment for about a month (since we moved into our new place) and still have another couple of weeks before it will be installed (Mar. 20 or so to be exact). It put a big damper on any computer stuff until we got back to school last week. On top of that, I was down for the count for a few days with a bad cold that is still lingering but mostly gone. But at least now I can check in on things during the day while at work. Right now we are overstaying our welcome at Starbucks to do a few internet catchups.

Spring has sprung on the banks of the Yangtze. After a few cool rainy weeks, the sun and warmth are finally beginning to reappear today. This coming week is supposed to be much warmer still. Finally we are able to shed our woolies and winter jackets.

Last night we hosted a Wii party at our place and had about 25 or so people show up. We had a party a couple of weeks a ago and everyone got into the Wii so we had a repeat performance last night to carry on the heavy competition. A friend brought over a couple of extra remotes so we were able to play foursomes and the machine was kept busy for several hours as everyone danced, bowled, golfed, tennised and killed zombies. Nancy baked up some chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon buns for the occasion and I cooked up a bunch of things as well. Next time I will try to get some pics of the event. Our Chinese friends get a kick out of the Western food and last night my mashed potatoes were a big hit. Most of them had never seen potatoes cooked that way as everything is almost always stir-fried here. They added some delicious spiced duck neck to the mixture of food on the table. I know, I know....but it tasted great. It looks like pieces of sausage is actually It is one of many local specialties of this area. Wuhan is well-known for its great food, most of which is very hot and spicey.

On top of everything else, Nancy's fairly new HP laptop went "bye bye" a couple of days ago for some unknown reason. First the screen became covered with vertical scrolling lines, then went black, then the hard drive or processor started making very obscene noises and was over. We will try to eventually rescue some of the data on the thing it it is at all possible but for now, she has purchased a new "baby" laptop...the smallest thing you have ever seen but still with a 160GB drive and 1GB memory...etc, etc. She can fit it in her purse.

That is my short entry for the day. Once we get connected again to the outside world from our apartment, I will try to keep everyone a little more updated!

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1st April 2009

don't you have phone? anyway u guys know how to enjoy life, My mom starts thinking of make cake, bread on her own, but don't know how to do it. sigh...

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