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October 31st 2008
Published: November 1st 2008
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Let me start by saying that for the most part, Halloween does not exist in China. Trick or treating is a foreign concept and the whole costume thing is even stranger for most people here. Apparently, there are places here and there across the country that do have the odd event happening because of a few stranded expats that happen to be located in the area. You can find costumes here and there, and if you look hard enough, even the odd mask, but don't count on it.

Last night, a few teachers organized a Halloween party and dance at the school. For many students, it would have been the first time that they attended such an event, especially dressed up. But many rose to the occasion and we were impressed with the variety of costumes that appeared at the door. Over 300 tickets were sold which was even more impressive. Everybody had a great time!

A friend and I took a taxi to the event, dressed up in our finery. The driver didn't bat an eye; probably just thought another couple of crazy foreigners. I had to walk the length of our apartment complex in my outfit, and didn't get too many stares either, although it would have been great to know what was going through people's minds as I passed them on the side of the street.

Not much writing but lots of pics...

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1st November 2008

Wow! For folks who have no concept of halloween, they sure went all out, didn't they? How come there are no shots of Nancy? Sure would like to see more of her asl well. Glad to see you two are having fun!

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