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May 3rd 2007
Published: May 3rd 2007
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Day 37

We packed our bags and checked out before hitting the streets of Wuhan to see what the city had to offer. It was very much a necessary stop off before getting our connection to Shanghai, but we wanted to make the most out of the day.

Catching a bus toward town, we headed for the aptly named Yellow Crane Tower which was set in some amazing grounds and had a range of towers, bells, pavillions and statues to wander around which entertained us all morning. Feeling the rumble of hunger we finished off seeing the last sections of the park and headed toward Hubu Alley - a short walk away. It was amazing with street stalls lining the alley selling a range of strange and wonderful dishes. Even though we were hungry we decided to walk the length of the stalls to see everything that was on offer before we chose four dishes to share. The first was a fried rice on an egg base thing - delicious; the second was a hot roll of rice wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with things - kind of a chinese take on sushi - this was also great;
The Millenium BellThe Millenium BellThe Millenium Bell

In the Yellow Crane Park
next was a flatbread patty filled with mince and herbs topped off with fresh coriander; finally and possibly the best one of the day was some steamed pork dumplings. They were all extremely tasty and very cheap!

Fed and watered we started to walk back to the hostel which was a slightly longer walk than we had planned. We met Ben and Faye at the hostel and decided to share a taxi to the bus station. This was easier said than done. Four backpackers including backpacks and day sacks (and Ben and Faye's bags are twice the size of ours) all squeezed into a smallish taxi - It was an interesting ride where most of us couldn't see much let alone move. Although this could be a good thing judging by most of the driving exhibited by cabbies in China! Arriving, we spilled onto the pavement and entered the station. All of our tickets were being brought over by a fella called Juin Jing from the travel company who we were to meet at the bus station (i know it sounds sketchy, but it had worked all the way to this point!) With our bus due to be leaving at 8:30, we waited (8:00pm) .... and waited (8:15pm) and no sign of Juin Jing. After asking someone where we could find this illusive character - we suddenly had 2 people helping, then 4 people then about 10 people trying to call the fella with the tickets! In the end a lovely lady who could speak some English took us through and made sure we got on our bus (which happened to be late anyway)

After settling down into our sleeper bus (which had no seats but 3 rows of two level beds, we put some music on. A couple on the bus who could speak a bit of English said they loved our English music and asked if we could play them some Westlife and Elton John. Thankful that we had spent so long loading tunes onto the ipods we were able to oblige and were serenaded to sleep!

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Lantern lined pathways Lantern lined pathways
Lantern lined pathways

in the Yellow Crane park

11th May 2007

Chip Butties!!!
Why Hi Fitties!!!! We totally did our tribute to you guys on Tuesday night.. chip butty party at Si.... watch this space for the famous photo renacted!!! Little Shop going really really well... well apart from Charlotte having to kick some ass in the lighting box.. shes a mean green mutha from outa space when she wants to be!! Good reviews all round.. 'Best May show the Nomada have put on ever' apparently! Mising you guys though.. not enough but pinching and willy wanging for our liking.. although Tom has wung his willy in Laura's face in the plant ( cheeky!!). Love reading about your cruise although chick on the stick looks vile, dirty and oh so wrong!! We al like a bit of meat but that goes to far! Signing off Senora's!!! Love You long time! xxxx HOOF!!!!! 'RUBBISH!' 'SHAGGED' 'TABBARD!!!!'

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