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January 20th 2010
Published: January 21st 2010
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1 beer $2
BBQ street food $1
Fresh fruit pocket change
Bottle of water $0.25
Five weeks holiday in the tropics in the middle of winter .........priceless

Yes, we are back in Sanya on the south coast of China for the first week of our Spring Festival holiday. Once again we are pigging out on Western food for now at Fat Daddy's and Casa Mia, both a five minute walk from where we are staying.

We have had breakfast at Fushan Coffee down the road a couple of times. They don't quite have the North American breakfast thing worked out but it is close enough and the coffee is delicious. They have bacon and eggs, along with a variety of other breakfast choices. And the orange juice is squeezed as you wait. After several months in Wuhan,we enjoy a little western food for a change.

Sanya Bay, the area we stay in, is not a destination for many foreigners. Most tend to stay in the more upscale resorts in other areas. We are surrounded by Chinese vacationing families for the most part. Our room is as nice as last years and, once again, we look across the road to the beach and open ocean. We are about ten minutes away by taxi to the center of town but a long ways from the crowded resorts where most westerners hang out.

So far, we have been doing lots of walking and enjoying the heat. There is always lots to see as you stroll down the beach during the day or night. As in Wuhan, the place comes alive at night with people dancing in large groups here and there, portable karaoke springing up in various locations, and tons of fireworks.

Some young guy tried to pickpocket Nancy last night but we decided he needed a lot more practice. Luckily, he got away before she had time to give him a right hook. This is the biggest holiday of the year so I am sure there are lots of them around.

This afternoon we are off to the hot springs.

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21st January 2010

Too Bad!
It's too bad you guys have to rough it so much!! I mean spending all that boring time holidaying when you could be back home Having back to back parties all the time - it must be terribly boring!! :-)
21st January 2010

Whaz up?
What are they doing in photo 26 and 27 - feeding the fish or catching them?
21st January 2010

Sure looks like you two have figured out how to have the good life! You both look terrific! No sunbathing here, but it's warmer than usual. Cheers from Canada and Paul and Merrilyn!
21st January 2010

Feeding the fish
They are feeding them with a bottle of food on the end of a stick contraption.
21st January 2010

Hey Nancy and Steve, I noticed the durian in photograph 29. Have you had the pleasure of enjoying this delicacy yet? Quite nice here, -3 this morning and no new snow, about a foot on the ground. Ken
22nd January 2010

Verrrry nice!
You both look terrific - the new life style is definitely agreeing with you. Obviously not missing Canadian winters!! Although I had a lovely xc-ski today at China Ridge. The weather here has been quite "balmy" at +5C not like the old days of -25C. Wish you both all the best for 2010
22nd January 2010

Haven't tasted it yet!
No, we haven't tried the durian yet but have enjoyed lots of other "mystery" fruits. lol We have had a bunch of local fruit placed in our room a couple of times but I have no idea what any of it is called!

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