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August 14th 2018
Published: August 14th 2018
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August 10th -Yangshuo3 - Dia 50!
Today's plan was simple. Try an easy multipitch climb up a tower called "The Thumb". The climb was called New Years Eve and it is considered a classic around the area.
Due to the heat we were looking to climb it in the shade so we had to wait until 11am.
Having the whole morning by myself I did some Yoga, I am trying to do it every single morning now days. Feels sooo good! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Œ
The thing I was most excited today, apart from the multipitch was try my new motorbike. A bit nervous of how everything was going to go with the traffic. Had never ridden a motorbike before, good thing this one was automatic jeje.
Going quickly on a test run before letting Claire jump in the back seat, everything went smoothly. Claire joined me and we zoomed towards the tower. Had a few close calls on our way but no crashes or falls. I'd call that a success πŸ˜„
Arriving at the tower we took our packs and headed to the base of the wall. We got attacked visously by so many mosquitos, hitting our heads many time for not bringing mosquito repellant. Weirdly I noticed how mosquitos are more attracted to Chinese blood. I was literally standing next to Claire watching all the swarm of mosquitos eating her alive jajaja. The same thing happened while traveling with Bean.
Starting the climb well we finished the second pitch and had three more to go. Espectacular views from up top.
Then Claire exhaled "Oh no!" realizing she had dropped a climbing shoe. 😣
That pretty much ended the climb and he ascent of the Thumb. Oh well, at least we where seating on a good ledge watching the view.
Rappelling down we decided to go to one more climbing area before calling it a day. Called Bayun Area. Attacked by even more mosquitos and this time they actually drove us away. Defiently not Claire's luckiest day since she stepped on a huge ant pit while leaving and had like 50 ants crawling up her leg.
We went back to town and were welcomed for free dinner by one of the other guests. He bought many types of traditional meals, and we ate them as a group and drank beers. Some weirdly delicious foods: small snails which you had to use a toothpick to get the snail out and miniature lobsters. We were also eating peanuts with chopsticks! Really good foods to eat as a group since it takes forever to eat them and they never seem to finish...especially the peanuts with chopsticks πŸ˜‚
After, we went on a long walk below the night sky to the vibing market. One of my friends pushed me on doing a traditional drinking cultural activity. They made me seat on a decorated chair and woman extremely well dressed funneled alcohol through a long series of cups until it got to my mouth jajajja. Quite a weird experience especially since they were doing some weird chanting while doing it. I'll post a picture to further explain myself. Good times.
Leaving the night market we transitioned into a quieter environment, walking next to the Li River. Talking a moment to rest while we dipped our feet on the refreshing river while watching the town lights play on the surface of the water.
I really liked the walk back to our rooms. We took a longer detour and ended up walking alone in empty roads.

August 11th -Yangshuo4 - Dia 51
Another climbing day!! Today I went climbing with one of the locals in Yangshuo. Fingers are healing and I felt amazing while climbing. Feeling stronger as the days go by!
Managed to climb smoothly the 11c without any falls and tried the crux move of a 12b successfully.
Different style of climbing then what I am used to since we are just climbing hard stuff. It only takes around 3-4 hours until your hands can't give no more! Really need to train that endurance. After arriving from climbing I took the opportunity of doing some extra endurance exercises with the hang board. Feeling happy with my progression this past few days. Amazing how fast I am regaining my strength and endurance after 3 months of not climbing! πŸ˜€


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